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ideas for calming hyper year 1 class?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bananatree84, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. bananatree84

    bananatree84 Occasional commenter

    I am training and my year 1 class are particularly lively. I taught both year one classes today and the class next door are just so much easier to teach generally and we had afantastic lesson with lots of discussion. I really enjoyed it. But my class just can't help themselves there is lots of messing about and chatting and shouting out etc because they are a bunch of lively mainly boys who just want toplay. Any tips on calming after break? My cclass teacher likes me to get straight on with lessons so quick things are needed.
  2. onmyknees

    onmyknees Established commenter

    If you want to concentrate on modifying behaviour, sometimes you need to lower the expectation of the difficulty of the work you are asking them to do. You may have to do a few lessons where they have no need to ask for help or to become disengaged. Your 'learning objective' has to be ' to learn how to work quietly, ' or something similar. You will need to reward, comment, demonstrate, the sort of behaviour you want - just as you might reward and comment on a piece of good work. Make you presence known in the classroom. Walk round and give stickers to children who are working in a way that you are happy with.
    Good luck.
  3. bananatree84

    bananatree84 Occasional commenter

    Thank you. I will try that. I think sometimes there is such a huge difference in ability with the children I need to get better at differentiation too as the more able mess around because they are bored and the less able because they don't know what to do. It's hard in class maths!
  4. missrturner

    missrturner Occasional commenter

    In my previous school we played calming music when they came into class, including after break. They also had a task on the WB to sit down & get on with. There was no time for chatting/messing around. This was supported with lots of positive praise "Cerys I can see you are sat beautifully, well done. Who else is sat beautifully like Cerys?" "Aiden is doing lots of fantastic work! Who else is working well? Let me see."

    On particularly bad days, I would take away time from their break/dinner. Whilst taking it directly from that one child does work, taking it away from the whole class works just as well. You'll soon find there is silence when working when they are at risk of having another minute taken away from their playtime because Jack & Jill continued to talk or move around. I would also give my silliest boys responsibility during the lesson, ie handing out resources etc to involve them in the lesson.

    I agree that you also need to focus on having objectives such as 'we are learning to work quietly'. Perhaps establishing your own rules with the children before a lesson would work. Have your own 3 golden rules that you establish with the children that you can reinforce constantly during your placement - this would also be very proactive & be excellent for your training folder/meeting the teaching standards. Have a little think about rewards too, a quick certificate on a Friday for your best worker of the week that you can remind them of constantly may help "I can see someone who may be my best worker this week!" "Well done, Jack, I wonder if you'll be my best worker you are working so quietly today" etc. Best of luck!

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