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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cathyj135, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Hi
    We have made woodland crowns-a card headband with double sided sticky tape and the children collect leaves to stick on, can challenge them to find different number,shapes, sizes,colours etc
    Also used a shoe lace for this knotted at one end and children collect leaves on it by pushing them onto the lace...good for counting and they look great too!
    Squirrels-read a story and talked about how squirrelscollect nuts and seeds in the autumn. Children went off to hide 3 acorns in a special place and then at end of session they had to see if they could remember where they left them and go and find them.
    Hope that helps
  2. susbo

    susbo New commenter

    Hi kerrie88
    Have you tried making a mobile from string and inserting leaves, acorn cups, pine cones, bits of twigs etc We also make pictures using natural materials we have found, use apples and push small twigs and leaves into them to make woodland creatures - hedgehogs are a favourite! This week we have made leaf people using a variety of leaves for the head, body, arms and legs. Some children went one step further and put small leaves for eyes and mouth and fingers! I have laminated them and they look superb! We also have a trug filled with leaves and just play in them.
    Do you subscribe to Nursery Ed plus? They have a download to make faces from conkers, cones twigs etc on the computer it's brilliant my children love it.
  3. Make some challenge cards eg can you find 2 conkers/4 acorns/ 6 twigs/ 3 red and 2 yellow leaves etc. If , like me , you're school is inner city, then you will have to stock up and sprinkle some around before hand!
    Not maths but a nice way to catch comments etc...we collect leaves on our autumn walk and laminate them on A3 sheets with photos and quotes from the children ( stuff about the leaf colours or weather etc) and theses make lovely 'stained glass' window display. that draw the children back.

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