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Ideas for assembly on the topic of "Appreciation"? Plz help!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by bubblybrunette83, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I really hope you can all help me. Im due to present my first class assembly in a few weeks on the topic of Appreciation. I have been trailing through the internet trying to find ideas to present it or even just a drama/play/story which the children can act out. I cant seem to find anything! can anyone recommend any websites or ideas for something they can do? Thanks to everyone in advance for helping me!
  2. Hi Christine
    I only have a small idea! I was in a year 7 geography class a few months ago and they learnt about the average monthly wage in africa and how much things cost there (ie although food was cheap, they barely earnt enough to cover their wage) then compared to earning even the minimum wage over here. So this obviosly had a geography slant on it... but maybe you could make more assembly-ish by finding out figures e.g. number of children that get to go to school in other countries etc to show children to appreciate what they have compared to abroad. Or on a small scale, how you can show appreciation to a friend when they do a favour for you (may link well to primary).
    You may want to re post in a different section where teachers rather than potential student teachers look as i'm guessing that will help you more, as I know my suggestion wasnt great but didnt want to leave you with no posts!
  3. Thank you so much Robyn! Was so nice to have a reply :) Your idea is actually pretty good for primary too! We were researching Brazil recently and we were talking about the amount of children who were able to go to school there and how many were living on the street! I really appreciate your idea, thank you so much for posting., I hope I can help you out the same sometime!
  4. Aw really glad to help! Hope the assembly goes well x

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