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Ideas for AQA French GCSE controlled assessments

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by BristolLanguages, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. BristolLanguages

    BristolLanguages New commenter

    I have a private student who wants to do the AQA GCSE this year, all four units.
    I have taught privately before at this level, but it was always the teachers at school who set the controlled tasks. This time I have to set the tasks myself.
    Is there a chance, somebody out there who does this every year, could pass on to me their questions for the oral and written assessments? I have had a look at the ones suggested on the specifications, but it's always nicer to have some that somebody has already used in the past! Thanks!
  2. ABlanch101

    ABlanch101 New commenter

    No answers? That's a shame. I always used to think this was a good place to come for advice and the like.

    Anyway, some ideas off the top of my head -


    • An article about a holiday you've been on
    • My Dream Holiday
    • An interview about healthy living
    • A diary
    • The Best Weekend Ever!
    • A brochure advertising your region abroad
    • A job interview
    • A radio interview (about any topic)
    • Telling your exchange partner about life in a British school and the differences
    • Telling a foreign visitor about your town

    You can twist them round to fit either skill, to be honest. I usually divide each task up into 4 or 5 chunks, prepare each one separately, and then put them all together, ie. Holiday would break into 50 words on - Journey / Accommodation / Activities / Next Year? and then put them together into a 200 word piece.

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