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Ideas for a Year 1 classroom layout please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by purplebumblebee7, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am an NQT due to start in Year 1 from September. I was just wondering how other Year 1 teachers set up their classroom, what is your layout like? How many tables? Do you include role play areas? Is it similar to a reception classroom? Do you have sepcific areas like malleable, creative, construction, writing etc..? Just after some advice really as to how I should set my classroom up, I'm feeling a bit over whelmed that it is up to me now!!
    thank you in advance [​IMG]
  2. My class has a role play corner, which is pirates at the moment. I have a book corner where the childen can go and read. I also have a writing area, listening station where the children can put on headphones and listen to stroies or music and outside I have a sand and water trays.
    As for my tables, I have 5 sets of table (a set of tables is made up of 2 tables), space is a premium and sometimes the place does looks cluttered but it works.
    Hope this helps and good luck for September.

    Gareth x
  3. lukesmum

    lukesmum Occasional commenter

    In my Y1 class I have 3 tables, book area, maths area, constuction area, dt area with table, water, easel, dough with table, sand, role play and pc.
    The children are in 4 groups and move around the activities on a daily basis. Children use the areas of provision as part of their learning and this is indicated in my plan. (There are examples of these in resources)
    I love teaching Y1, I hope you enjoy it too and all the very best!!

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