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Ideas for a farce for a Summer Production

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by LongLivePinter, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. LongLivePinter

    LongLivePinter New commenter


    Does anyone have any good ideas for a suitable farce that I could direct for a secondary school summer production?
    Have toyed with the idea of Virtuous Burglar by Dario Fo - has anyone done this before?
    Also thought about Funny Money (can't remember who by) but just a little concerned about all the naughtiness that's involved in a farce as we are a Catholic School.

    Would ideally be looking for a mixed cast of at least 10 - 15 and I know this is pretty large for one farce so may have to look at performing two on the same night. Has anyone got any good ideas of short farces?

    Also I have got performance rights for musicals when we have performed them in the past, but do I do the same for plays?

    Advice please helpful Drama forum !!!
  2. You have to pay performance rights for all plays in copywrite. If you're looking for farce get hold of a copy of 'French's Guide to Selecting Plays', you'll have to pay for it but it's worth it. You can order it on the net. If you didn't know it Samuel French hold the rights for most plays. They list the plays by type eg farce, by gender and by cast size.
  3. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    <address>No - a play can be copyright (sic) but not charge performance fees. The two things are completely different. There are some such on my website.</address><address> </address><address>I'm so glad you are looking at farce as a genre; I was toying with writing one but wondered what the market was. (Not a plug; it won't be written till the end of the year).</address><address> </address><address>I'd say do two - you're more likely to find cast of 8 than 15.</address><address> </address><address>Bedroom Farce (Ayckbourn); several other Fo plays, but they are not really school age (Trumpets and Raspberries is hilarious); definitely not What the Butler Saw (Orton). Many of the French (publisher) farces (as opposed to nationality) are anaemic - beloved of Amdram socs. and very unfunny.</address><address> </address><address>Farce and sex go together like - well, farces and sex, really. </address><address> </address><address>Go and see One Man Two Guvnors if you can. And of course if you want to inspire the kids, show them an episode of Fawlty Towers - The Dead Guest for example.</address>
  4. Some farces safe for a catholic school:
    'An Italian Straw Hat'.
    'A Servant of Two Masters'.
    A large cast farce which I've done 'Amphibious Spangulatos'. The title's a bit odd but the play is funny and has lots of parts for girls. Google it for a synopsis.
  5. Amphibious Spangulatos, or
    Newt on Your Nellie! By Paul Doust.M13 F13.
    Doubling possible. A sports changing-room in a village hall. Cherry
    Hellingsworth is fulfilling her Community Service stint by working at a Village
    Hall as the Functions Manager. But she's not terribly good at it. On one
    evening she manages to hire out the hall
    to the Village Drama Society, the Cricket team, a Singing Telegram and a
    Country and Western group called the Southern Fried Chickens. A frenzied,
    door-slamming farce, suitable for adults or youth groups.

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