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Ideas for a class base treasure hunt please

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kaz_allan, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Has anyone got any ideas of how to do a 'treasure hunt' for children and parents. the ideas is they explore the reception environment and resources. has anyone done this type of introduction session before?? worried it might not be exciting enough and if we should get them to make and do particular things in each of the areas. any help would be great.
    thank you all
  2. You could hide coins/numbers/letters in the sand tray in the classoom. If a pirate theme, adults and chidren could all make pirate hats to wear, during the hunt. Pirate pictures hidden inside books in the reading corner???? Threading beads hidden around classroom, adults and children then take their 'treasure' back to their pirate ship to make into necklaces etc. Children could be encouraged to talk about the location of each bead etc.
    If pirate themed you might find some of these resources useful....

  3. In year 1 we write messages on post-it notes and the children have to follow the trail. They love it! The little ones in reception won't be able to read the clues (not yet anyway) so you could take photos of the different areas of the classroom and laminate them. You could then use them over and over. You would need to explain that the first photo shows them where to go next and so on until they reach the treasure.

    I might try this with my new Year 1s!

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