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Ideas for 10 minute Phonic sessions - children who know 10 -15 sounds

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sunshine84, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    We are a 3 form entry YR and we are starting to split all the children across the year group into ability groups for 10 minute phonic inputs each day. I am being given the 'average' group which is going to be the biggest group of children probably around 30, so a class full.

    I need to plan a 10 minute session each day for these children and wondered if anyone had any advice on where i could get ideas. Is it best to look in the letters and sounds guidance or is there anywhere better. We use the jolly phonic actions to teach sounds which i will need to go over each time with the children, a few sounds a day, but i want something fun and exciting too. It will be a whole class input rather than groups.

    Any advice would be great!
  2. Is your 10 minutes for the teacher-led session? I ask because this is a very short length of time.
    If your school has decided to give Reception just a quick overview of phonics which is then revisited and built on at a later date (e.g. starting a rigorous programme in Year One), then that is fine - but if this is your main phonics teaching, 10 minutes is very short indeed.
    Even in Letters and Sounds it recommends 20 minutes - and a co-author said to me that this is for teacher-led with children's learning activities being added on to this.
    Are you including the teaching and learning of the three core skills of blending, segmenting and handwriting?
    I am honestly not trying to pressurise you into teaching more phonics for Reception children - but you are indicating that you are not sure of what to do. 10 minutes may be enough to introduce new letter/s-sound correspondences but it surely not long enough for the skills and the learning opportunities?

    It's no good focusing on 'fun and exciting' if the content is little and the time is so short.
  3. Hi, i agree with Debbiehep, 10min is a short session,I cover 20mins Phonics 4 times a week.
    ....Read 'letters&sounds', they have some good ideas! Also have a look at Phonicsplay.co.uk great IWB activites that can done in 10min.
    I also recap the sounds everyday using the Jolly phonics actions.
    -Play the flashcard game on the IWB-Phonicsplay.co.uk
    -Show the children the action they have to guess the sound as a class or with their partner.
    -use flashcards, the children have to say the sounds with actions as quick as they can.
    -get the children to brainstorm all the sounds they know with you.
    -with their patner-they say the sounds they know or one shows the action and the guesses the sound and they take turns.
    -give each child a sound, they have to find their matching partner by saying the sound, they are not aloud to show the card etc...
    -give a child or in pairs a card, they must find an object in the room that begins with that sound.
    Play I spy or what's missing with CVC objects and the children have to say the sounds in the words rather than the word. e.g. I spy a c-a-t and the children have to guess the object-i think the h-a-t is missing.....good for oral blending and segmenting.
    Just some idea, hope they help.
  4. This 10 minutes isn't all the phonics we do each week we have more focused and adult led group activities during the week too. This will be 10-15mins before lunch each day as a whole class activity (where all the children are of similar ability) where we can recap sounds and help learn new sounds as well as recap any blending and segmenting skills the children have learnt so far.

    Thank you for your ideas so far!
  5. For a quick activity all chn can join in with you could play 'Clap your hands'
    Clap your hands, turn around, I'll show you the letter you tell me the sound. Chn enjoy and it gets the session started quickly.

    Letter tree song with props (to tune of London Bridge)
    Take the tree and pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.
    Take the tree and pass it on.
    And when it stops take a leaf off.
    Then ask chn to say sound on leaf. Whole circle to repeat if correct. Can match to objects in middle starting with that sound.
    Or sound hats can be great fun in a variety of ways. Guess my sound etc
    Hope that helps.
    I tend to plan shorter group sessions and have follow up activities for smaller groups later (although depends on activity etc)

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