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Ideas about delivering micro and macro at same time (no Jan exams)

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by glynmanton, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    I changed to jan exams for micro as and may for macro as weaker students were getting confused between the two in the may exam. My U rate dropped dramatically until this year. School would like to phase out January exams (for AS) so I can no longer justify it due to recent data. How do other centres do this? I would plan to start micro in September and cover scarcity and S&D with two teachers. Once they have the basics I would get one teacher to focus on micro (market failure) with other teacher (with more hours) starting macro. Mock for micro in Feb, for macro march/april- Would this work or would I bet better off going through micro as I do know, mock then starting macro, returning to micro with one teacher during revision. Any feedback on this would be great!

    I teach OCR economics
  2. We do micro in Jan and macro in June (OCR) for AS. I find this works OK but some find micro much easier than macro. Quite a few of ours need to bomb in the Jan exams or they will not believe us that they actually need to revise for A levels (not having done this for GCSE).
    My U grades dropped dramatically after a minimum grade B in GCSE maths was introduced as entry on to economics. I don't think it's the maths that is important but the fact that a B in maths usually means their other GCSE grades are better too. Don't know if that helps!
  3. Actually....we had some dodgy F581 results this Jan. Lots of students down a grade on what we were expecting. I got some papers back and the marking mirrors the mark scheme but they seem to have been exceptionally picky on the essay and on a couple of other questions.
  4. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    Thanks I agree with both posts - I find the Jan window gives a wake up call- but It looks like I will have to change anyway from january
  5. Hi Glynn

    We got some shockers this January!

    The school up the road doesn't do January modules in Y12 - they say they're a waste of time - I say that if the kids fail they won't get another years fees.

    Anyway I did some scouting around and this is a common tactic but they do the Y12 module in Jan of year 13 so they are getting marked like year 12's.

    Now we know the rules everyone can play fairly.
  6. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    No problem - thanks for help - interesting most private schools I know offer Jan y12 - I thought this was common practice!

    So Micro to jan then mock
    Macro in april mock then split macro micro between two teachers fot the exams in May - annoyingly due to change in half term micro and macro are only a week apart this year!
  7. Snorkers

    Snorkers New commenter

    We don't have January exams in Y12 for Economics (but some Y13 resit AS modules in January. Other subjects have January modules for Y12, including Business Studies). Teaching of micro is split between 2 teachers in Michaelmas term (effectively one does markets and one does market failure), and then macro in Lent term (topics split between both teachers). They finish the syllabus by Easter and then revise/do mocks from Easter onwards.

  8. We have just switched (again) back to the VERY old school strategy of sitting All four Units at the end of Yr13. It's a whole school policy and one which I loathe, but the strengths are that the students are pretty grounded in the subject when they sit all four together.
    We have two teachers, one takes both Micro Units (1 and 3 for Edexcel) and the other takes Macro (2 and 4). I think that having the teachers split the content allows the kids to relate the material to each teacher ("that's XX's stuff and that's YY's"). Occassionally we'll pick up a bit of each others near exam time, but largely it lets us specialise, and gives the kids a clear split.
    It does mean we're about to start A2 with our Year 12, and I'll be finished by Feb Half Term giving them a good few months of revision.
  9. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    thanks for all of your advise
  10. I too would like to state that the January marking of F581 was absolutely disgusting. We have the scripts, we have the mark schemes and the essay question in particular was downright shocking.
    No diagram at all in the final question mark scheme? Well done OCR. I had students producing a variety of diagrams, all identical to text books, marked incorrectl on multiple occasions. Pages of analysis and evaluation, referenced in the mark scheme, just ignored it seems.
    There was no connect between the mark scheme and the grade awarded whatsoever. I thought AQA were bad but at least you can "see how they got there".
    It's pretty obvious they don't use subject specialists to mark in January... They're all too busy teaching!!!!
  11. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    thanks for last post - i had a few miss their grade on last exam - Mine fell short on context in last question When they used diagram did into link it to either reducing neg ex due to chewing gum or indeed increasing the pos ex.

    As a rule I find ocr marking spot on - although very harsh as the is no room for a student making a few errors and coming out with a grade!

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