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I'd like to do some reading in preparation for my course

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by KylerS, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    As the title suggests, I'd like to spend some time getting prepared between now and September. The main reason is that its quite a few years since I graduated and I think I should ease myself in gently. But also, aside from getting a weekend job, I figure the best way to save money is to stay in more at weekends! Saying that, I'm seriously thinking of getting a weekend job anyway.

    Are there any books I can buy in advance for the Primary PGCE, or does anyone know of anyone who wants to sell any? (Especially from Uni of Cumbria). I realise its a bit early and this year's course hasn't finished yet, but maybe some books aren't needed any more?

    I'm going to start looking online and try to get ahead of things, especially if I don't have enough work over the summer too. I know I will get a reading list in due course, but I just feel I want to spend my time being more productive.

    Any advice would be great please :)
  2. Hey,
    I don't know of any books you could get specifically - but I know there are a fair few about teaching in particular. Have a look in the bookshops :)
    Have you looked at any other prep that you could do? Like maybe do some TDA practice skills tests, or brush up on your maths,english or science skills? Or maybe you could do some more experience in a school? Or perhaps do some other work with children - like the Brownies/Guides/Scouts?
    The university I got a place at has sent my feedback sheet to me from my interview, that shows areas in where I need to imrprove. Some of these are vocab, maths skills and getting some more experience with KS2. Maybe you could ask Cumbria for these?
    Also, have you contacted the uni and asked for a reading list from this year? They may provide it to you.
    Luckily I still have the rest of my degree to contend with and will probably start my prep for my PGCE during the summer - but I totally understand that you wanna get a headstart! I also suggest making the most of the time you have left (holidays, spending time with friends etc)... I've heard its intense from September onwards!

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