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ICT Unit 3, June 2010 exam

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by maloa001, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Yeah I have just tried the GoalSeek too and it works. You just apply it to the start time and it does it all for you, so long as you have the formulae sorted correctly. Simples!
    1) 12 Noon arrival does not go red with the conditional formatting, therefore must be OK, however, I can see them saying that students need to allow some contingency time in?
    2) my error I had read it as would need to collect 2 lots of 30, hence 4 coaches with a capacity of 15.
    3) I assume you mean row 17?? Looks to be where a formula needs be entered in C17 and D17 where there is no need for a minibus to stop. If you enter anything in there however it affects everything in the hidden columns I to N and messes up the figures in B21 to B25
    4) I like that way. Will see which my students grasp the best of the three.
  2. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    A thought has just occured (well I am nearly 40 so occasionally my thinking time can be measured in geologcal time periods) concerning the arriving at 12 o'clock and the conditional formating on the first sheet.
    As part of the mark schemes in the past, you get marks for being as close as possible to a particular figure or number. It could well be that you have to get as close to 12 as possible (or even bang on a time given on the paper). Seeing goal seek works (shurely shum mishtake?) all we need to do is to practise a few different times with the kids so they don't get phased by a different time appearing in the exam.
    I am a bit concerned. It looks way too easy, but I get the feeling that we might have to work hard with our kids so that we practise lots of different routes, even to the extent of sending more than one bus to a particular club. Otherwise they'll remember one solution, and try and make the exam work to that even if its plainly wrong. No doubt the fly-in-the-ointment will be that no driver can set off before a certain time, but we'll see
  3. I too have a concern over the setting of the routes. It seems as though the geographical layout can be sensibly structured around the NE SE NW SW breakdown using the given map but the roads used.
    Have had a good lesson using google maps to try and work out the best routes.
  4. Just a thought about Goal Seek. Having only skimmed those posts, are people using Goal Seek to get the buses to arrive at 12:00? I just put in a time (say, 8am.) and if the bus would arrive 1 hr 43 minutes late, make it set off 1 hr 43 minutes earlier (that would be 06:17 then). There is no way to evidence Goal Seek through simple printouts so I doubt they'll be expected to use it. could be I'm wrong though...
  5. Chad78

    Chad78 New commenter

    Yep that's all that is required I reckon, not sure Goal Seek is worth it. Doesn't save any time IMO.

  6. How are you setting up the number of players and the locations for the buses to stop at, just randomly or with a system?
  7. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Personal preferrence I suppose. However, it does give the pupils some confidence to know they can go into the exam and set the finish time required, rather than having to guestimate and then adjust. Exams do funny things to the mind, and we've had more than one person lose the will to live with even the simplest calculation.
  8. Goal Seek is not a bad way of doing it - just wanted to check I hadn't missed something ;-)
  9. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Don't worry, even now I'm thinking I've missed something, that it couldn't be THAT easy, that surely I'm making such a huge and obvious error somewhere. Haven't a clue where mind?
  10. I keep telling my students that this is NOT a spreadsheet exam, it's a problem solving exam. I think it's certainly the case with this paper.
  11. Has anyone used if statements to add the 5 minutes at a stop? I have had to use 2 different ones which seems a bit messy. Did this to cope with Crawley at each end of the sheet but changing destinations in between, to ensure 5 mins doesn't get added when no stop.
    Also, damned if I can see anything sensible to graph, any ideas?
    Far fewer formulas to put in compared to previous years, maybe a change to have fewer but more difficult? Can't recall having to use if statements before.
  12. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    POST 19 for IF statements
    Graphs - Nos of buses for different route selections for all four buses
  13. cookie9

    cookie9 New commenter

    Re conditional formating at 12.00 could comment in evaluation that this is something which could be improved if kids have to register before 12.00. Anyonelse spot the issue with the drop down ending at 9 kids?
    Re timings - discussed average timings against mode. At least kids came up with several ideas for other factors to consider.
    Re charts - thought about trying 3 scenarios and charting journey times to show shortest journey - all arriving by 12.00.
    Will see how the kids cope with IF statement as thought at AS they only had to understand what they do not draft them themselves.

  14. I don't think an IF statement should really beyond an AS ICT student, not if they expect to get a decent mark.

    Looking through the whole thing again I'm a little concerned that Activity 2 looks a little light (evaluate sources of timings, can;t see that being worth 15/16 marks). Anybody spot any potential curveballs?
  15. I am expecting my pupils to use an IF statement to add the five minutes (we have put this in A2 because it will be easier for them on the day I don't think they will manage building the five mins into the formula - but that's my class) on based on the following: If (Stop 1 is equal to Starting Point then it's Stop 1 Arrival Time, otherwise it's Stop 1 Arrival Time + A2), this follows on to IF(Stop 2 is equal to Stop 1 then it's Stop 2 Arrival Time, otherwise it's Stop 2 Arrival Time + A2)
  16. Thanks Donakebab, that is neater. I still don't get what to graph. Buses and routes? Sorry but can't compute that advice.

  17. For Activity 2, I think analysis of data sources (there were 3 with Twisted Pear), a recommendation (more marks) and suggestions of improvements (depends on the context of the data sources). I reckon if 3 data sources this means 3 x 3/4 marks, recommendation 3 marks, suggestions for improvements possibly another 3-5 marks. If there are times it all depends on when they were collected/how/routes taken/roadworks etc... lots and lots to think about me thinks! (see it was useful me having marked TP).
    I must admit, I still can't think of an appropriate chart - arrival times? Departure times?
  18. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    What I'm suggesting (and let's face it even I know I'm scraping the bottom of the barrell here) is that you compared a number of different routes that your four buses could take. You could then graph the numbers of pupils on each bus.
    The only other thing could be that they get you to work out the journey times of the routes and graph these to find routes that would be acceptable for driver working hours. No mention of it on model, not even a space on it to show where you'd work it out, but as I said, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrell.

  19. I would be doing a graph on the alternative routes and alternative start times - just by copying and pasting the alternatives onto a new sheet, creating graph, pasting into report to show what they have considered hth
  20. Or maybe it is the memo sheet we should be looking at?
    Maybe graph the each route from there?
    Wonder what Edexcel will expect them ot input in the yellow cells, B4 & B6, is it really as simple as their name and that day's date?
    Agree there will probably be multiple data sources for travel times for Activity Two and they have to select one and justify that selection.

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