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ICT to support other subjects at KS3

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by HappyHippy, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. We do a lot of work on what we call the 'Contextual Curriculum' at our place. The idea is that, for example, the English work on Striped Pyjamas, the History work on the Holocaust and the Citizenship work on human rights is in some form joined up (not necessarily taught simultaneously, but the links between the subjects are made explicit).

    To that end we also use some Geography work in Y7 as the basis for presentation skills, we do some photo manipulation that is then used in Art, in Y8 we do more graphics work in the style of Warhol and Hockney and a website about the work done in DT and then in Y9 we look at 3 point perspective in Sketchup as well as designing a 3D birdhouse (Art and DT).

    There's nothing at all wrong, and much that is right, with teaching skills in context (as opposed to a fictional, arbitrary project) as long as it's a two-way process. In our case we make sure both subjects benefit, and we don't become dogsbodies for other departments.
  2. hm112819

    hm112819 New commenter

    Sounds great. This is the kind of thing i'm looking at doing. Thanks
  3. What do you do if they haven't done / finished the work from the other subject, doesn't that make it a nightmare to coordinate?
  4. The trick is not to rely too heavily on the work of others. The Geography based work we do relies on their knowledge of rainforests. They all know that there are tribes in there, and animals, and trees. Whether they can name the tribes, the animals and the different layers of foliage varies - but they can all complete the ICT part of the project. And by making sure we do the presentation AFTER (not during) the Geography topic we make sure there are no issues with kids who have not done the work.

    It's not team teaching, and it's not about leaning too heavily on other departments, it's about teaching practical skills in context and about making the links between subjects a bit more explicit (we might teach how to use presentation / DTP software well, but how many of those same kids will go to a Science lesson and reach straight for the WordArt?)

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