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ICT skills for music PGCE students

Discussion in 'Music' started by robby64, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I'm running a 1 day course for PGCE music on ICT. Here's the challenge..No music software on computers, no recording equipment since this is taking place in a computer suite in an office block. I could download free software though.
    Thoughts so far :
    Generic ICT skills on powerpoint, smart notebook. Making interactive resources. Audio editing using Audacity. Some discussions about using different microphones, speakers etc. All this will take around 3 hours. Need some ideas for the rest of the day!!
  2. Sounds quite a full schedule already to me if you are going to include mini-tasks for hands on experience as well as demos. Lots of 'idiot boards' for ref would be welcome as a take away item.
    Sound conversion/recording is a must. Also how to convert streaming audio and video to hard copy, how to make an extract e.g. from a full track for a listening test.
    Don't forget that ICT generic skills could also include use of Excel to create instrumental teaching rotation grids or progress tracking sheets (simple stuff like how to freeze header row so you can read the data in relation to categories and student names would be really helpful).
    Also what about looking at some school music dept websites or County VLE software. Appropriate use of ICT e.g. content driven rather than just as 'packaging' would also be a good point to cover.
    Some pointers about legals regarding what can and cannot be uploaded onto websites (musical extracts) and generals about email ettiquette for correspondance with parents and also students.
    Preparing a pupil voice questionnaire to evaluate their experience in year 9. Pros and Cons of free texts answers etc.
    There's some great arcade type games out there for teaching notation too. Would be worthwhile exploring Note Invaders or the Dallas Symphony Orchestra kids pages for quizzes and orchestral instrument stuff. Finally how about a challenge to see if anyone can come up with something off youtube linked to a topic about orchestral instruments? There's clips on there about making a trumpet, violin etc which were great. Also a version of Europe's 'The Final Countdown' arranged for 3 cellos and orchestra...


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