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ICT should form part of all subjects ...

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Marcussmod, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Computer Science will never take off in the way ICT did. It is a niche subject that few students would wish to learn To suggest that ICT can or should be replaced by CS is a false notion. As HOD of ICT/Business with Departmental raise online score of plus 6.7 (the highest in the school) I know the importance of ICT taught as a discrete subject at KS3. The myth that any one can teach ICT because they can do simple tasks in word or PowerPoint, will result in whole scale digital illiteracy in schools. In my present school we get large numbers of IT illiterate children arriving in KS3 from countries in which ICT is not part of the NC. These children are massively disadvantaged as they have no core skills in ICT and also have little confidence learning new ICT skills. This is a prerequisite skill in most jobs and must be developed in schools.
    The average teacher is not particularly good at ICT. The absence of work on most VLE's from many subjects will confirm the fact that many teachers are almost digitally illiterate and are unwilling to update their IT skills. On the subject of raise online ICT as a GCSE subject has a difficulty rating only slightly below History and French. Using the “Raise online criterion” ICT is not an easier subject than most other GCSE’s. That inconvenient truth is ignored by Gove at el. I agree it needs to be reformed at KS4 but not scrapped.
  2. To be honest I was never keen on ICT being classed as a foundation subject at KS4. I believe only Maths , English and single Science should be mandatory as GCSE courses. Students should have more scope to take up GCSE's in subjects that interest them and they wish to take at sixth form. However at KS3 it is essential that school offer ICT as a discrete subject taught by teachers will good ICT skills. The alternative is widespread digital illiteracy.
  3. It does not make it clear in the recommendations when Computer Science should be taught.
  4. Given that the "expert panel" wish to make everything but DT, ICT and snooker compulsory at KS4 and acknowledge that it will be necessary for students to study some subjects without any formal accreditation "out of hours" ........ Computer science can probably be shoe-horned into a slot on Sunday afternoon. 4.30 to 5.30 any good?
  5. If Gove wants less ICT and more computing, will he include these new qualifications in the list of those which a school can list in their KS4 results tables?
  6. BarryRiley

    BarryRiley New commenter

    Surely this could be argued for any subject. Why should Maths be mandatory at KS4? Will pupils really need the more advanced trigonometry, algebra etc they receive in KS4?
  7. Where do I start with this?
    As a maths teacher with a first class degree in computer science from a 5* research rating university, and having worked for a very reputable computer company (Sun Microsystems - now part of Oracle) I feel my IT skills are exceptional. I would never use the VLE for maths - it's an aweful idea, and setting work this way leads to inadequate learning and feedback in maths (IMO).
  8. That's the point, people like you with good ICT skills know when to use ICT and when to use other methods. Depending on your VLE, its strength may only be to act as a data storage area for past papers and model answers and to communicate with students once they go on leave of absence.

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