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ICT observation in nursery coming up please help!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by AthenaMarina, May 22, 2011.

  1. AthenaMarina

    AthenaMarina New commenter

    Hi. I and my colleagues are having an "internal review" (observations really) by boss and SMT & it falls during my ICT lesson with my nursery class. I feel quite nervous about this. I will be posting this on the early years forum here too. I would LOVE some ideas on what things to say etc.
    Basically, as there are not a lot of programs to use we usually use "2 Simple". Sometimes I get the kids to explore 2Simple publisher or the "Wet paint" or "Ink" etc. programs in 2Simple (it's basically a paint program) and I've started teaching them the vocab for parts of a computer just by for e.g. holding up the mouse and saying "This is the mouse" and the kids repeat it. Usually they "draw" their own flower, or whatever they are learning about with the mouse, some can do it some can't. We try to help those who can't and showing clip art first also helped give some of them ideas.
    The kids walk to an ICT suite with me and the T.A. and it's only once a week so they DO get a bit "high" and one girl cries because she doesn't like ICT (the others love it) I and my TA go round to different children to help and also I save the pictures.
    I'd love ideas, mainly on the "right" words to say, sentences etc. I really want to pass this internal inspection, especially as I'm leaving at the end of July (they know, of course) and REALLY want a great reference. (They are very happy with me on the whole so far)
    Sometimes we use the "2Simple Spinner" program and not all the kids can change the pen size or speed so that's something we could try. The ICT HAS progressed, the children's skills have improved a lot from when they started.
    I might try to write up a lesson plan, maybe that will help me a bit and I've been looking online too. But I want to know things like what are good words to say. I have a few weeks to practice though of course a holiday (well, to work on reports!) in May. I did REALLY well in my last ICT lesson years ago by a different person.
  2. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Do what you normally do, sounds as though the kids are learning..

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