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ICT levelling/KS3 Predictions

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by anon2047, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am an NQT and desparately need some help on how to read data and find a starting point for my year 7s (and other year groups).
    I have read the transition documents which are quite highish for English and Maths (some students are on a 5b/5a). When I look at the KS3 predictions the same children are predicted a 5b/5a. given that they have to progress 2 sub levels a year and I have only taught them twice so far and with an observation looming, I do not know what I should be giving them. I have set homework straight away to try and work it out myself but my levels range in 4a to mostly 4c area. I work for an academy and have not been able to get help there. I have used Yacapaca in the past on a year 8 group but it came out very low (2bish).
    I have to set targets now and do not want to shoot myself in the foot, but do not want to mark the students down either.
    I seem to remember that the DfES used to have level indicators for each unit (7.1 etc) on the National Strategy website but cannot find them since they were archived.
    Please can anyone help?
    Many thanks
  2. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    The levels have been disapplied; they were ******** anyway.
    Concentrate on teaching good lessons, and grade them as you think.

  3. I know but my Academy is still insisiting on them!
  4. Hi Jaime

    if you want to write to me at support[at]yacapaca.com I will be happy to help you get more accurate results on Yacapaca. It is very rare that Yacapaca results disagree with other methods by as much as a whole grade level overall.

  5. Hi Ian,
    I will thanks - I am not saying there is a problem with yacapace, I think it is me that has made the mistake.
    Many thanks
  6. Look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Levels from primary schools are generally rubbish. They always seem to be bumped up by at least one level. So ignore them.

    As for Yacapaca, in my experience the reason the kids came out with very low levels is because they didn't try properly at the test. I've used Yacapaca quite a lot and it is accurate in comparison to other methods of levelling. However, if a kid doesn't do the test properly (just guesses everything or rushes through it) then the result will be poor. Simple answer, use sanctions. If the kid rushes and gets a rubbish level then has to do it properly until gets an appropriate level.
  8. My experience is that the kids who rush it do so out of fear - fear of failure, fear of being shown up, fear of being told off, whichever. We try to assuage this by making it more fun so they are more likely to forget the fear.

    We are experimenting with a method of deliberately slowing them down by varying the prize points scored (which do not contribute to the grade/level score) so they maximise their points by taking their time over each question. It's not in production yet but anyone who wants to be a beta tester should contact Yacapaca via support[at]yacapaca.com

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