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ICT lessons

Discussion in 'Primary' started by beethan31, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    In our ICT suite we only have approx 10 computers that can be relied on to work, and so can only let part of the class on them at a time. With 27 in the class there will obviously be lots NOT on the computers. I can pair them up, but don't always want to do this. I have no TA support so can't leave half in the classroom doing something else.
    Does anyone have a similar problem? What do you do with the children that are waiting to have a go? When we start researching our topic, they can do non-fiction book research, but anyone done anything ICT related - but not on the computers??
    When I worked in Y1, I took a couple of trays of small construction or puzzles with us and they did them on the carpet whilst waiting. Or they found the letters to type their name on a paper copy of a keyboard. But now I'm in Y3/4 they need to be working, not playing. [​IMG]
    Thank you in advance
  2. I think you'd be lucky to ever have an ICT suite with 1 computer per child.
    We recently replaced ours and we now have 12, and 6 netbooks which were a great purchase.
    Our ICT suite has computers around the edge, and tables in a U shape in the middle of the room so children not working can do any type of other work at those tables. It doesn't have to be ICT related stuff they're doing but could still be related to your literacy or whatever you are using the ICT suite for, as they will get their turn at ICT afterwards.
  3. I have same, so my Y3's not on the computers do their handwriting, spellings and that sort of thing when it's not their turn. Not ideal but it works. I tend to do the input for the whole class and then just a quick reminder of it for the second group. Plenary is done again as whole class.
  4. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    Thanks to you both. You've given me a few ideas. I'm new to Y3/4 and am still getting my head round it!
  5. A *lot* of ICT work can be very successfully completed without a PC - its not all just playing on the computer, especially if they are in Year 3/4.
    I don't know what SoW you follow in your school, but if you are left to it as it were, have a look at IT@SS scheme (google ITASS and it should be the first link) - the Schemes of Work on there are fully resourced (including flash films to show you or the children how to do things if you aren't sure/want them to have a reference resource) including lots of paper resources such as
    The children not on PCs can be working on the sheets, whilst the children at PCs do the practical tasks, and then swop - you may need to fiddle with some of the sheets to remove all need for a PC from them, but a lot of them are really good for this purpose. If PCs aren't working, but are in the room, just move the keyboard and mouse out of the way and have children working in those spots if there isn't dedicated workspace in the room.
    Alternatively, there are the CGP ICT Books :
    which are paperbased resources.
    Hope that helps a bit :)
  6. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    I've got to say I can't see many elements of ICT much beyond level 1 which can be delivered without a PC or similar device (except perhaps programmable devices but they are mostly pretty limited).
    I would take a very dim view of anyone beyond Reception having children play wiht a computer, there are much better toys.
    Fully endorse the recommendation of ITASS resources but in the end a dozen or so computers in a school of any size is scandalous: the last governemnt pumped ICT ring-fenced money into schools for hardware for years, then lumped it into other grant funding and a lack of basic equipment is evidence of gross mismangement of that money. We are still using some of the equipment we bought nearly 10 years ago with govt support and nearly all of the stuff bought in the last 7/6 years.
  7. I didn't realise how lucky we were. We have an ICT suite with 30 working computers and also netbooks to use in class. I knew not all schools had netbooks (we have only just got these), but foolishly assumed most had enough computers, as I thought the ICT budget was more generous than other areas. We are a big two form entry school so the ICT suite is in use all the time and there is a full time ICT tech to sort out problems. I clearly need to appreciate this more. It must be very frustrating to have so few working computers.
  8. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    Happy Pixie, thanks for all your info - I'm going to have a good look at it.
    I took them in the ICT suite today and buddied a few of them up (worked well as the 3 new chn don't have log-ins yet so they shared another child's). The rest worked individually and then I swopped them around. I took handwriting books and they did that whilst not on PC's. I was impressed with how quick they were - I'm used to Y1 and YR! It was SOOO great that they knew what I meant by 'save' and that they could manage to double click and move the mouse!! We typed sentences and inserted a picture from clip art. All in all in worked well for our first attempt!
    I would LOVE netbooks in school. I remember on a PGCE placement, the school had a great trolley with laptops charging on it. They just wheeled it in to whichever class needed it....Fantastic!!

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