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ICT Jobs

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by clumsy1974, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. ICT jobs seem to be a bit thin on the ground thus far..
    On my course, 3 of us now have jobs. We've all been up against non specialists in the interviews, and still been able to secure a post. Now, that may be because we're cheap, before you suggest that one.. but it does suggest that some good ICT grounding is still important.
    I am wondering if schools are starting to look to see, with the possible and promissed freedoms from the NC coming along soon, if they can teach a variety of specs and courses, and they want to make sure they have some people in who could aid that curriculum development. We'll see. I am just really excited to be going to a school in September where I get to do what I've been training to do - started to think the chances may not be there this year..
    But I am still worried for the rest of the group, as, like I said at the start, ICT jobs are thin on the ground so far..

  2. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    Likely to get thinner on the ground, since the Mighty Pipsqeak Gove seems to show preference for Geography and History. Strange, that, when The Royal Society is presently engaging in research to investigate more precisely the dire shortfall of properly-educated and trained ICT/Computing teacher in Secondary.
    Went for an interview last week where 7 of us were under consideration for one job. Apart from the fact that one applicant was already NQT-ing at the school, the school made little effort to hide the fact that that I [with almost a decade's experience] was among the first to be excluded from the shortlisitng process, on the basis that most of the other candidates would have been at least £5,000 per year cheaper, in basic salary terms, and that the budget was restricted.
    Trouble is, in just 10 months, this Government has managed to raise unemployment figures to approximately the level seen in 92 - about the time a similar Tory administration last ruled our weary land.

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