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ICT geeks I want your advice!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by autismuk, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    If you want loads of CDROMs downloaded then you need to go for a big Hard Disk capacity. Laptops unlike Desktops are not very easy to upgrade (sometimes impossible).
    Most PCs are compatible with most software. School specific stuff (e.g. Smartboard Software) could be problematic ; educational software has a (justifiable) reputation of being rather poor. You might get a laptop running Windows 7 and specific software only runs on XP or Vista, say.
    The software companies web site will usually give information about compatibility.
    Photo and Video editing are two seperate issues ; Video editing requires a fair amount of processor 'clout' and memory and hard drive space, because video uses up lots of each. Again it is difficult to be specific without knowing how serious you are about this and which package, again the software should give some recommendations about what sort of machine you need and there are usually user forums where you may be able to ask how well it runs on a particular specification.
    Macs are fine but there are likely to be software issues with things like the Smartboard. Again it depends what CD Roms you are talking about - if you mean music it doesn't really matter but if you want to use education software on your laptop there is much less for the Mac.
    Laptops are all really fairly similar ; you get more and faster memory, faster processor, better screen etc. (have a look at one before buying) but fundamentally they are much of a muchness.
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Macs know they're cool, come in fancy packaging and are nice to use but they cost around twice as much as an equivalent Windows laptop. If your school is PC-based a Mac may have compatibility issues with the ICT network (or more likely the ICT network manager).

    Basically go for one with a writeable CD/DVD (and possibly BluRay) drive plus the fastest processor and biggest HDD capacity you can get for your budget. LED screens are generally better than LCD screens too, but I think they're a standard feature on more recent models. If you have to choose between laptops with identical specifications and similar prices, go for the one with the most USB ports - you can never get enough USB ports.
  3. Thanks guys!
    So am I right in thinking there isn't any major advantage of forking out for a mac? I would also have to become fluent in 'mac' which is something I could do without.
    I'm moving overseas to teach, which is part of the reason I want to get my computer in order, prefereably loaded up with the education cdroms I have on my previous ones and anything I can get my hands on in my current school.
    On my current laptop (Dell inspriron, windows 7) I have tried to recently download cdrom which requires flash player but my lap top wont let me downloads flashplayer? But I am able to stream on youtube etc so I thought this meant I had it? My current laptop has seen better days!
    Thanks for all the advice:)
  4. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    If your laptop is able to run Windows 7 it probably isn't that old and would probably do most of what you want.
    I'm not quite sure why it won't let you download flashplayer (have you tried going direct to www.adobe.com ?)
    Youtube may be playing video using HTML5 or alternatively you may have an older version of flash and your CDROM requires a newer one.
  5. Honest advice?
    Just buy something cheap now. Anything, near enough, just as long as it is now rather than later. When you do, load Linux on it - my advice would be Linux Mint since it looks similar to Windows. Once that is done, you can set up Virtual Box easily and load Windows on that - probably Windows 7 would be best, maybe a copy of Vista too f you have one or even XP.
    That will give you a working system with your choice of Windows to use to teach from but do not - and I cannot stress this enough - DO NOT wait for the release of Windows 8! It is not only rubbish but is also totally different from any earlier version of Windows (except the phone) and is near to totally unsuitable for use on a laptop of desktop. It is made, from the ground up, for use on Windows pads / tablet computers and they simply don't exist yet.
    The big problem - and it is a huge one - is that as it stands right now any PC made to be ABLE to run Windows 8 will ONLY be able to run Windows 8 thanks to a ludicrous system of "protection" Microsoft insist is built into their boot system.

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