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ICT GCSE Prom CAB spreadsheet

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by billyonions, May 12, 2016.

  1. billyonions

    billyonions New commenter

    Help ....Does anyone have any advice on how to do the spreadsheet for this CAB. It seems very complicated compared to the music festival one . Are there any websites or links explaining exactly what the brief wants ? i am a bit confused by the wording . It looks as if it could get very complex very quickly
  2. JamesK

    JamesK New commenter

    There is a Facebook group set up specifically for this course. The posts are very helpful and will offer lots of other valuable information as well as an answer to your post!
  3. Neutronmystique

    Neutronmystique New commenter

    Could you possibly link it?

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