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ICT GCSE from 2011... which board?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by gavcradd, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    You'll be lucky to avoid databases in any spec at GCSE...
    I thoroughly recommend the AQA spec, I used them before we switched to the Nationals and we've now switched back to the new spec for next year. The support they've given me has been excellent, both by email and by phone. Can't wait to get stuck in.
    OCR would be my second choice although I don't like some elements of their controlled assessment. I've never looked at WJEC. Edexcel would be bottom of my list, a horrible organisation who have caused me lots of trouble in the past (eg advisors telling me things that just weren't true about coursework deadlines, etc).
    AQA - recommend
    OCR / WJEC - take a look at
    Edexcel - stay away!!
  2. We actually teach ECDL in our Upper School and it gets a better reception than the GCSE from the department as it equips the kids with skills that they can transfer to other subjects, college or theWorkplac depending on whether they stay on for sixth form. It is commonly provided by employers in both public and private sectors whereas the GCSE is not funnily enough - and the new syllabus removes the need for databases!

    Add in the remote learning capability, largely automated marking and the provision of a grade B at GCSE and makes for a good offer in my books! Oh yeah you still need to teach everything to te kids first so don't think you get out of that bit!

    I looked through a GCSE paper (forget the board) and the mark scheme and felt frankly insulted by some of the questions ( such as which mobile phone should sue buy?) and a mark scheme that forbade awarding of marks to students who wrote 'in car sat nav' for uses of GPS in mobile phones - no thank you!

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