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ICT gadgets / devices

Discussion in 'Primary' started by groomie, May 19, 2008.

  1. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Depends whether you mean for ICT curricumlum delivery or for other reasons?
  2. digital blue cameras,plug in microphones.
  3. becktonboy, for curriculum delivery.

    Have you any recommendations?
  4. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    beebots , minimum 6(a temporary solution)
    Pixies are much better
    remote control car/robot
    lots of battery and mains powered toys for EY/Foundation control
    digiblue, Tuffcam (former has software probs on a network, latter jury still out on how Tuff)
    digital cameras
    Commotion interfaces
    control models
    heat, light, sound, pulse sensors
    log-it explorer
    microphones (1 per PC)
    digital microscope
    would love some visualisers, too expensive as yet, but ideal for entire curriculum, would have one next to every IWB
    portable projector

  5. thanks for your ideas becktonboy and cherryblossom
  6. I'm really excited about two new gadgets. The Easispeak from TTS is £25 and records sound, plays it back and then becomes a USB stick for very easy download. Tough enough for Foundation Stage, versatile enough for Y6, has huge numbers of uses in all subjects: fantastic. Also, have you seen the Disgo Video from Currys? Also £25 (though they're discounted in our local Currys to £20). Vastly easier to use than Digi Blue for similar video quality. There's a nice big screen and a big red button you press once to start filming and once to stop. Cable connected to the computer makes the files just pop up (so no need for younger ones to learn any software), and you can import them straight into Movie Maker or Revelation Sight and Sound for older children. They do a better-quality one for £65, but it's the cheap one I'm excited about: you can buy four for the cost of one Digi Blue!

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