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ICT for Secondary MFL

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by GroovyGuzi, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. CILT or ALL can probably give you a good estimate of the number of children studying MFL beyond KS3/KS4. The uptake at KS4 has dropped drastically since MFL became optional beyond KS3. See:
    CILT: http://www.cilt.org.uk/
    ALL: http://www.all-languages.org.uk/
    ICT is still considered to have a beneficial effect, but solid evidence is difficult to to come by. See the ICT4LT site, Module 1.1, Section 3, headed "How effective are new technologies in promoting language learning?"
    See also individual teachers' blogs, especially those written by José Picardo and Joe Dale:
    José Picardo: http://www.boxoftricks.net/
    Joe Dale: http://joedale.typepad.com/
    More teachers' blogs can be found in Module 1.6, Section 12.2.2 at the ICT4LT site:
    There is a list of publishers of MFL software in the Resource Centre at the ICT4LT site:
    I maintain a list of 500+ websites that are useful for MFL:
    Software reviews are not easy to find, but have a look at the website of The Ashcombe School, where you will find a few reviews of published software packages:
    Section 3.5 of Module 1.4 at the ICT4LT website focuses on the criteria for evaluating software and provides a link to downloadable software/website evaluation forms:
    Graham Davies
    Emeritus Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning
    Editor-in-Chief, ICT4LT website: http://www.ict4lt.org/

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