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ICT Expectations at KS1/2 and Schemes of Work

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by primarytech, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm the IT Technician at a Primary school and over the last few years I've taken on responsibilities of delivering discrete ICT lessons and integrating ICT into the curriculum.
    I'm (VERY) loosely using the QCA SoW's to plan lessons, to the point where I use the heading for a unit and that's it. For example in year 3 we do "Manipulating Sound" but use Audacity and combine music and vocals, change pitch, tempo etc
    As the school is looking to fully integrate ICT into the curriculum (removing a lot of the unecessary discrete ICT) I'm looking to being up a 'skills checklist', a list of definitions of what we expect pupils to be able to do using ICT at the end of each year. Any ideas on where I would start? I've looked at some of the definitions and marking ladders that others have put on the TES forums but do I need to be following a set of goverment / ofsted / dfe / LA guidlines?
    Sorry for the long post but I'm a little stuck as to a starting point :(
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Frankly none of this is your job - possibly why you are stuck......?
    Suggest to your head that curriculum subject coordinators should be creating the curriculum, identifying opportunities for ICT within their own subject area/topics, using the National Curriculum as a source of ICT knowledge and understanding requirements and the QCA SOW as a ready made supply of these broken down into learning objectives.

    There are no government guidelines beyond the NC, the QCA SOW is an interpretation of those, OFSTED follow the NC but make up for themselves what is the best way to teach and your LA and school should have worked this out already, if it isn't in place, they probably haven't.
    sorry for the cynical bent to my post, based on the skills and understanding you demonstrate using Audacity to deliver a QCA unit, I feel you are probably making a fine job of someone else's job ...... and are now being asked to write yourself out of that job...
  3. Thanks for the reply bectonboy, my job has evolved over the years and I don't see myself writing myself out of a job, more pushing existing ICT into the curriculum so any discrete ICT taught is pushing on pupils far beyond the NC / QCA descriptors. I may end up doing more lesson cover (I'm HLTA trained) or maths tuition with small groups (Which I'm being trialled with for SATs) but I will still be needed for technical duties.

    Currently our ICT lessons are tailored to each year's topic and I speak with teachers regarding where ICT can be integrated into the rest of their subjects. I feel that wherever possible ICT is used throughout the curriculum but I'm struggling with defining what, say, a Year 3 pupil should be able to do ICT wise at the end of Year 3. I've spoken with our feeder school for the skills Y6 going into Y7 should possess but beyond that I'm short on advice (NC is fuzzy and QCA is 14 years old and unaspiring)

    I'm starting to think that I need some clarification on my job role. My badge says 'IT Technician', my pay role says 'ICT Coordinator / Assistant Network Manager', despite me not being a teacher (so can't be a coord) and being an assistant to no one.

    I think I should have a word with my Head after Easter and get my roles and responsibilities clarified.
  4. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    there may be some useful material here to assist you

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