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ICT Enrichment

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by claudedeniro, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi does anyone know of any ICT enrichment courses that I can deliver to KS4 over 2 years, for about 60 estimated guided learning hours.
  2. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    What do you mean by enrichment? To me an enrichment course is one which is fun and delivered alongside the main curriculum without the intention of certification. At KS4 therefore there ought to be no "ICT Enrichment" as it a vitally important subject to attain a qualification in.

  3. Cheers mate but i'm just the monkey not the organ grinder. Yes in other words I am looking for lets say a "fun course" for them to follow but it would be nice for them to get something with their name on at the end if it.
  4. Hi I know this is from a few years ago but I am in the same position now. Have you found any good courses and have good success from them?

  5. jpgreenwood

    jpgreenwood Occasional commenter

    Having to revive a thread that is four years dead is a decent sign that these courses don't exist.

    If you want enrichment, pick something fun that the kids can sink their teeth into. If you want extra qualifications, go for ECDL/ICDL and take on the headache that is documentation and chore-like content. There is no happy middle ground.
  6. we use aqa unit awards - accredited courses.entry level to level 2, you even write your own. one thats worked well is a music technology one (use audiosauna google chrome app - free) and we bought ableton license too for more advanced. Another is animation , can do stop frame, we use camera then process through gimp (open source image editor, as capable as photoshop). you could also use a 3d animation engine - unreal, etc. or develop a mod/level/ for game. our principle is open source and free is better,as it also exposes pupils to alternatives to the big brands.
  7. Thank you gwilki for the helpful reply, and I will have a look at aqa.

    jpgreenwood - I have found quite a few options, but was looking for success stories and experience before choosing. ECDL we already run. Thanks.

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