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ICT - data logging

Discussion in 'Primary' started by clareloug, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. I am the KS2 ICT Co-ordinator at my school and am interested in purchasing some new resources to help with data logging. The part I really need help with is finding a program to upload information from the data loggers to. We currently use 2graph, but we introduce this in KS1 so really need something more sophisticated (yet primary friendly) for upper key stage 2. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. P.S I know lots of data loggers come with built in programs, but I need a stand alone program children can input their data into from hand held devices. E.g. using pulse monitors and inputting their data into a graph. As we use macs in school, a lot of data loggers are not compatible so it is difficult to find resources. We use Excel at the moment but would prefer something slightly more primary based.
  3. Have your tried an online tool, like create-a-graph?

  4. We use datasweet or counter in the lower juniors before they move on to using excel in the upper juniors.

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