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ICT courses 'worthless' - so how should ICT professionals respond?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by fortuneteller, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Actually it is my taxes paying your wages. Does that give me a say?
  2. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    "I'm not actually. I just think the IT Diploma has every chance of being miles better than what schools currently inflict on pupils at KS4. See the Ofsted report for more on this"
    Err.... why ? What specifically is 'better' about the content - note the *content* not what it plans to do, is designed to do, or some vague concept of quality control (which also applied to the other courses !)
    Gilbert says, for example, that "Around 77% of the workforce now uses information technology in their job and the demand for these skills is likely to continue to increase".
    But your beloved diploma doesn't, apparently, teach ICT skills but the business skills to evaluate them. Karen (Price?) is quite explicit about that.
    The Diploma is, regrettably, another red herring low value ICT course.
    It could in fact be argued that anything that classifies itself as ICT is defacto useless.
  3. Another thread virtually entirely perpetuated by the alter-egos of deranged uber-pratt, mymouse.
    God help the forum.
  4. I teach A Level ICT, I have a degree in Computing and before I had a family spent 10 years working with Industry standard specialist systems. In my opinion, there is a valid and crucial link that ICT gives from looking at appropriage HCIs, from carrying out VB applications within relational database which adds a vital intro to understanding programming languages to looking at problem solving skills when designing queries and calculations. For the WJEC board many schools include more programming routines than their computing course. I taught a student who went on to study a computing degree, he found Maths and Physics A level easy compared to designing a user interface and a user guide for a novice IT user; for someone who will go on to become a computing professional he needs to understand the needs and limitations of an everyday IT user. For that reason ICT will always be a valuable A level to study for anyone who wants to enter into the world of Computing.
  5. Ok, here's my cynical view after 5 years in education teaching every course from KS3 to KS5.

    Both Schools and governments want high %'s in league tables, so we will always have poor courses which are easy to pass and do no-one any good (except for Heads and Government).

    Discussion over [​IMG]
  6. Where's the cynicism?

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