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ICT coordinator

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Abigail190791, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hi I've just completed my 1st year of training in Primary and have been asked by the Head Teacher of my new school (starting Sept) to be ICT coordinator . It all seems massive has anyone any ideas where to start as I don't think too much has been done up till now???
  2. Hi Abigail,
    Well done for your knew post.
    Don't worry about the job being "Massive", treat the whole thing as an ice breaker for your new school. They will not expect you to have all the answers to their ICT needs in an instant.
    First of all, if you have time during the summer, do a little bit of research for what ICT resources the school could be using (Interactive Whiteboards, Student Reponses Systems, VLE's, computer-based simulators etc). You will probably have some ideas from your training.
    When you start at the school create an inventory of what software, equipment the school has and what ICT services are already used.
    Chat informally with all other members of staff individually about what resources they already have, what they use, what they have but don't use, and what they would really like if money was no object. Let them do most of the talking and you will learn a lot. If the head doesn't mind, include all staff members in the informal chats. They may for instance tell you about any children who need specialist ICT resources.
    Find out why some things are liked and other things are not used at all. You may find that something is missing or there is simply a need for extra staff training. In many cases, there is a lot of really good, fairly new equipment sitting in a store room, simply because the teacher who knew how to use the kit left to go to another school.
    These little bits of research should help you to get to know the other members of staff and help you to understand how ICT is used (or not used) within the school.
    You could then use your findings to write an informal report to the head about what could be done to improve the ICT resource. Make everything about the school and the staff quite positive but with suggestions of how improvements could be made if necessary.
    I hope this help,
  3. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    I would add to Daren's comprehensive list of suggestions: find out what support and INSET is available from your LA. Contact the local ICT Adviser for some discussions/advice(in some leadership and management time). Look at what was said about ICT in the last OfSTED report, note any weaknesses observed. Find out what technical support the school gets and how you liaise with it.
    I have some generic documents I have forwarded to new ICT Coordinators in the past which they have found useful. Leave an address here or in a message.
    Remember that if you are not in receipt of a TLR then you are not responsible or accountable for ICT (according to our Pay and Conditions). Anything you do for ICT is voluntary unless you are paid a TLR or given either directed time or time out of class to carry it out. Check out some of the threads in these forums on TLRs and coordinator responsibilities.
  4. Hi,
    I have also just completed my NQT year and will be taking on ICT in September. The advice on here has been great. Would it be possible for a copy of the documents you mentioned in your post.
    Thanks in advance . acceb1210@btinternet.com

  5. Hi Becktonboy,

    First day back today after completing my NQT year and the head has asked if I would take on ICT. Any help and documents would be appreciated.

  6. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    On its way, Becky.
  7. Just popped on to start exactly the same thread as this!
    New head has decided he wants subject co-ordinators (old head got rid of them and let phase leaders sort it out so it hasnt really been done.) I offered ICT and then panicked when people reminded me that it is a core subject and apparently alot of work!
    We arent getting TLRs or time out of class. Argh! I do enjoy ICT but am by no means a font of knowledge.
    The documents you have got sound very helpful - could i please have a copy? N0059003@ntu.ac.uk
  8. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    On its way impulce.

    BTW ICT is not and has never been a Core subject: important, vital, central, etc etc but Core has a special meaning.
    It is a lot of work, there are ways to cut it down but you have to be firm, more detailed advice in the toolkit.
  9. Hi becktonboy

    I have been arguing with the head for the last six months over the role of the ICT coordinator. She basically wants me to be responsible for the website, the VLE, all cross-curricular ICT, the ICT suite etc etc etc All without any release time and no TLR. If you could send me a copy of your documents I'd really appreciate it.


  10. Im aware its not a core subject yet but was under the impression that it was going to become core (replacing science or i may have dreamt that) in the near future?
  11. Forgot to say - thankyou for the resources! They look helpful and im sure will become clearer as i get into the role!
  12. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    It's definitely not core yet, rumours such as this have been floating around for 5 years or more but it has never happened.
  13. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    None of these need to be done by an ICT Coordinator, unless they are part of a job description you have agreed to and even then you could simply resign from the 'post'. Check out the document in my toolkit regarding what your role can be, but websites and VLE management are not ICT roles, care of the suite is a technicians' job, cross curricular ICT is the responsibility of every coordinator: the ICT coordinator does just that, checks with other subject coords, ensures software / content is availalbe, liaises and offers advice to others etc.
    Get hold of the RE and History coordinators' job descriptions, do only what they do and simply leave the rest. Contact your union for support (they will give it) if there is any kind of comeback. Write down anything negative said with date, time and witnesses.
    PS No-one has to lead a subject, see https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/238809.aspx?PageIndex=1
  14. Hi Abigail,
    Here's a straightforward commercial plug. Our company makes Kar2ouche cross-curricular software for primary (and secondary). Have a look at the video on this page http://www.immersiveeducation.com/primary/ or contact me for more information johng@imed.co.uk If you are near a City Learning Centre, they probably use Kar2ouche and will be pleased to show you, otherwise, please be in touch directly.
    John Griffiths
    Business Development Manager
    Immersive Education
  15. Hi Abigail
    I teach ICT Key Skills Level 3 at an International School in Spain, I know your Primary but do you know of anyone who might want to link up with my pupils? the unit we are doing is Unit 9 Global Communications. I would be very pleased if you can help or if you have any suggestions.


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