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Icecream parlour roleplay - Ideas of what to include?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by frothycoffee, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. I have limited space, and want to create an icecream parlour roleplay box that the children can get out to play with. However they will need to put it all back in the box at tidy up time. Not sure what I could put in it that would fit back into a box?
    I thought of pretend icecream cones made of clay and a price list, but a bit stuck for more ideas....
    Anybody please??
  2. I know you said you'd like to pack it away every session but here is an idea you could have running for a few days in a malleable area or outside: Mix up lots of cheap own brand instant mashed potato and add food colouring to it; brown for chocolate, green with chocolate chips for mint! Maybe even add fragrances. Use real icecream scoops to make sundaes and add glace cherries! Yummy.
    You can get those plastic sundae glasses in lots of places but if you can't get them, those plastic party wine glasses or chamagne flutes feel very grown up!

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