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Icecream maker

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by LaureRichis, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. I have been given an Philips Icecream maker by my generous but scatty
    sister-in-law. It arrived in working order but minus instruction and
    recipe book. It is one of the freeze the bowl in the freezer first sort
    of machines.
    I managed to download the manual and some recipes for
    the Philips icecream maker but have a couple of questions for anyone
    else who owns an icecream maker.
    Can I use any icecream recipe in
    my machine or will the amounts be incorrect if I use another recipe? If I
    can use any recipe does it have to be specifically for an icecream
    maker or will any recipe that says 'put in the freezer and stir
    regularly' also work?
    I have made a couple of icecreams and they have tasted delicious although a little more of a mousse than icecream consistency.
    anyone have any easy recipes that they use in their icecream maker?
    Could I just lob in some yoghurt or custard and fruit and make a frozen
    sorbet type dessert? Not the world's greatest cook so any advice
    gratefully received.
  2. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Any recipe will do, but do not fill the bowl more than 2/3 to allow for expansion of ice cream as it freezes.
    Also best to freeze in the machine then 'finish off' in the freezer for a couuple of hours. Even the most expensive freeze down machines do not really produce ready to eat ice cream, the best results always involve popping it in the freezer after churning in the maachine.
    Another tip, especially for the kind of machine you have, is to chill the ice cream mixture as much as possible before churning in the machine. If you can, make the mix the day before and leave overnight in the fridge. Large amounts of alcohol (in the ice cream, not the cook!) will also prevent freezing.
  3. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I have this type of ice cream maker and would agree with all Belle's tips. This is my favourite ice cream recipe:
    Serve this with some cookies fresh from the oven and you will be very, very popular.
    My preferred ice cream recipes are basically home-made custard with a flavouring. You can vary that flavouring - infuse the cream with lemon or clemetine rind then sieve before making your custard, add a fruit puree, so many variations! Don't add too much booze to ice cream though. It stops it from setting.
  4. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I used to have one of these, but now have one with the refrigeration built in.
    You can use any recipe you want, just make sure the mixture is cold and the bowl thoroughly frozen (but not too frozen: one time I used mine after nearly 6 months in the freezer and the ice cream didn't freeze properly because it instantly turned to an outer layer of ice which inhibited the turning of the paddles!)
    My favourite recipes are all "cheats":
    • equal quantities of lemon curd/jam and greek yoghurt
    • a can of strawberries puréed and mixed with an equal quantity of whipping cream
    • a carton of whipping cream + a can/pot of ready-made custard
    • a pot of supermarket superior custard/crème anglaise
    • a bottle of still lemonade
    • a can of peaches/apricots/pears puréed with their syrup --> sorbet
    • Frijj chocolate milkshake + whipping cream
  5. Thank you so much for your responses. I have written down all your tips.[​IMG]

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