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Ice Palace by Robert Swindells

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tired teacher, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Has anyone got any planning , worksheets or smartboard files based on this book. I would be grateful to receive any you have. Many thanks
  2. Has anyone got any planning , worksheets or smartboard files based on this book. I would be grateful to receive any you have. Many thanks
  3. I used this book a few years ago with a year 4 class- they loved it! I'll see if I can dig anything out, but please bare in mind it was my nqt year so not sure how hot the planning will be!
  4. As above - did this in my NQT year. Might well read it again as it was short enough for us to read the whole book over a couple of weeks. I used some of the ideas from the NLS exemplified unit based on the Book, but I can't currently find it on the website (why do they have to keep changing it?!)
    giggle. xx
  5. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Occasional commenter Community helper

    I have the whole story for IWB, plus teaching sequence and planning. Let me know what you'd like ... might have to send it in stages!

  6. Thank you so much, everyone. If I can do anything in return for folks I will.
  7. You should have mail!
  8. Is this planning and resources still vaailable carrie cat? I would be extremely grateful if so.
  9. I would also be very grateful for the planning and resources :)
  10. Jumping on the bandwagon I know, but I'm just about to plan for this book. Any chance of a copy of these resources?
  11. This sounds fab if you are still offering?
  12. Hi, I would really appreciate a copy of your resources for Ice palace if possible. Not found much else where. begum35@live.co.uk
  13. Dear Carriecat10,

    I too am hoping to teach this book and would appreciate a copy of your resources if possible.
    Many Thanks

  14. Hey,
    I'm looking for books for my Antarctica/Ice topic for my Year 2 and this looks quite good. They are quite advanced Year 2's so I don't think the level of the book would be a problem bu I just looked on Amazon at what it is about...do children find this book quite scary? I've never read it so not sure what it is like but would it be OK for Year 2's?
  15. Carriecat, Im an NQT and Im teaching the ice palace in the new year. Your IWB sound like just what I'm looking for....is it at all possible to fwd them? Thankyou so much.

  16. Have any of you posting recently noticed that the thread was started in 2008.

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