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Ice investigation independent activities??

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Kaylee22, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I have a lesson observation next week and I am going to do an ice investigation.
    I am going to work with a group of children to investigate what melts ice quickest using things like salt sugar etc
    I need some ideas for independent activities? Any ideas would be appreciated! Especially activities for the outside area? My class are reception by the way!
  2. This week my class have loved playing with arctic animals in the icy tuff spot, breaking up huge chunks of ice in the water tray with spoons, spades etc to see which breaks them up quickest. Observing coloured ice cubes melt in the water tray and predicting whether or not the colours would mix. Next week we are freezing objects in ice cubes and the children are going to see if they can break them free!
    Hope these ideas help, Good luck for your observation!
  3. I have done a matching game outside where I've frozen water in loads of different shaped containers - including rubber gloves, balloons,(cut the moulds off) biscuit trays with patterns in , chocolate trays. As many shapes and sizes as you can find . The children then have to match the ice blocks to the containers. if they start to melt it's harder for them but it promotes lots of discussion.
    Also freeze counters or marbles into ice blocks can children predict count(items that cannot be touched) and then wait to count them 1-1. Ch can record predictions on an easel nearby. How long will it be before they can count them? Good luck with the observation

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