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ice-creams for role play

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by elb3, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Hi Serenwen
    I'd love a copy of your knitting patterns please last summer a friend and i knitted cakes and the children love using them for counting activities
  2. Hi serenwen-Could I have a copy of you knitting pattern for ice creams please. ang1555@hotmail.com
  3. I will sort out the patterns for you all soon, its a bit too late tonight!
    You'll never believe it but a Welsh teacher for the playgroup next door walked past me today carrying a strong decorated shoebox which contained the most amazing ice creams I'd ever seen! I had to stop her ,on your behalf of course, to take a closer look!The cardboard cone was higher at the back than at the front, stuffed tight with newspaper.The cone was covered in felt pen lines crosssing each other tightly.( An Italian style cone similar to cornetto .)The ice cream newspaper ball shape was covered with pink/pastal kitchen paper with glitter bits as sprinkles or tiny square sequins.There were holes in the lid of the lift-up shoe box to hold the ice creams. She had made thick cardboard ice lollies too - she warned me to use lots and lots of PVA after they are painted as the children are tempted to suck them!There were also a couple of the plastic ones that used to hold bubbles in the display! Wish I had taken a picture!
  4. Excellent i was just wondering how to make an ice cream cone stand and its an excuse to buy new shoes!!
    My ice cream parlor is going to be my summer holiday project going to dust off my knitting needles
    Serenwen, I'd love a copy of your knitting patterns please. Thanks so much

  5. I've made ice-cream , well bit more like a sorbet, without the use of an ice-cream maker. The kids loved it. Have done it with different age groups -older ones had to write instructions of course!!!! It is quite easy. Do have receipe somewhere. Will have to dig it out. Task for tomorrow!
  6. Rendellers

    Rendellers New commenter

  7. Serenwen I would love a copy of your knitted icecreams. I'm not terribly good at knitting, haven't got the patience, but I'm hopping I can persuade a "lady who can" to do it for me. Thanks
  8. Could I have a copy of the knitting pattern too. It'll be a nice job for my mum as she retires from teaching and possibly my mother-in-law too!

  9. Serenwen, please could you post your knitting pattern on the resources bank - they sound brilliant!
    Thank you
  10. You all have mail!
  11. I currently have an ice cream van and beach in my classroom. I made ice cream 'balls' with scrunched up tin foil covered in paper mache and painted colours appropriate to the flavour of ice cream. They have worked well...
  12. Here you go, happy clicking to all.

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