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iBooks Revision Aid for EDEXCEL Unit 1

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by surferboy, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Have pm'd you - sounds exciting!

  2. Yes please :))
    I'm struggling to get pictures in my iBooks but as I've never used a mac before I also struggled just to find the right buttons!
  3. Brummy Boy

    Brummy Boy New commenter

    Hi all. Have finally found a way to get the file to people. Feedback is positive so far and there is still 2 weeks before the exam. Some have already loaded it onto the school VLE so students can download it straight onto their iPad.
  4. Thanks for sending one my way. It looks fantastic and would be a very useful revision tool. Passed my iPad with the quiz element around my students today to complete and am now trying to work out how I can get hold of a mac to make my own.
  5. Brummy Boy

    Brummy Boy New commenter

    Knew I'd get you hooked!!!! I am looking at developing a scheme of work over the summer for lower school and buttering up SMT for a class set of iPads (wishful thinking!!!). If you get a Mac and fancy working on something give me a shout.
  6. Just got an ipad would love to have a look. As well as teaching it my son is sitting it! Cheers.
  7. Brummy Boy

    Brummy Boy New commenter

    Have PM's you a link Lev.
  8. Cheers x
  9. Brummy Boy

    Brummy Boy New commenter

    Resource is still available if anyone would like to test it out for me?

  10. Hi, I have gone the same route, but have not as yet built a book. I'd be really grateful for a look at yours if that's possible. Many thanks, Andrew
  11. Just getting into revision mode after a lot of hard work on Unit 2 Get Up, Get Moving. Could you share the link please [​IMG]

  12. Me please! I'll PM you my email address :)

  13. Could you send a copy my way please. Thanks
  14. cinderellyfaerie

    cinderellyfaerie New commenter

    I have pm'd you brummy boy :) i knwo it was last year however any help would be appreciated.
    Cinders x
  15. Yes please. Have finally got an iPad so would like to know more.

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