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IB German Language B - poetry and short stories - ideas needed

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by leonce_ac, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    Since we've got new IB Language B regulations coming into effect in Spetember, we are trying to get together a pool of Literature options that we can do with our German Higher Level Sixth Formers. We've got some good ideas re plays and novels but are a bit stuck with short stories and poems. Do you have any ideas that sontaneously come to mind? Is there anything that you can recommend that you've done with your IB or A-level classes?
    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Soeren,

    I will trial some short stories by Wolfgang Borchert (from the one volume of collected works) - it would work quite well in conjunction with the better known play 'Draussen vor der Tuer', but I will have to see how it goes and will get back to you.
    All the best,
  3. Which literary period should the poems be from?
  4. Hi Ulrike,

    Thanks for the idea - I had completely forgotten about "Draussen vor der Tuer". Have you trialed the text yet? Happy 2012, Soeren
  5. Hi Sarah,
    The poems can be from any literary period - we are looking for a stock of literary works fitting the new IB core topics (covering the usual contents: Personal relationships, Environment, Young people etc.).
  6. musiclover1

    musiclover1 New commenter

    Das Ideal (Tucholsky) -lifestyle
    Entwicklung der Menschheit (Kästner) - modern life
    Sachliche Romanze (Kästner) - relationships
    Was es ist (Erich Fried) - love
    Gefunden (Goethe) - love
    der Erlkoenig (Goethe) - this comes in hundreds of versions on youtube and has of course the wonderful music by Franz Schubert. And is not difficult to understand.
    All these I've used with AS or A-level students.
    I also have a volume of concrete poetry, called Anspiel, I think, it's at school, so I can't check. It's got some wonderful poems, some of them based on grammar points.
  7. musiclover1

    musiclover1 New commenter

    Spaghetti für zwei, eine Kurzgeschichte von Federica de Cesco. This is a great story about prejudice that lots of German teachers use.

    Music always goes down well, so you should do something by Berthold Brecht as many of his poems were also set to music. E.g. Die Moritat vom Mackie Messer from the Dreigroschenoper.

  8. When you look for versions of poems on youtube always try JDD (Die jungen Dichter und Denker). They've done rap versions of many poems (I especially like their version of Der Zauberlehrling) and these are really good.

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