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IB diploma economics

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Arsenalfc, May 17, 2020.

  1. Arsenalfc

    Arsenalfc New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I have been teaching Y12 macroeconomics and A level business studies for a couple of years and am looking at a job where I will need to teach the IB diploma for economics and business studies. While I feel confident with the business studies element of this course, I have only ever taught Y12 macroeconomics and if I am honest, it took a while to get my head around it, but now I feel confident with it.

    So, does anyone have any experience with the IB diploma economics course - is it a higher level than A levels? How easy is it to teach myself Y13 economics?

    Many thanks,

  2. teacher4l1fe

    teacher4l1fe New commenter

    I would say the IB isn't much different standard wise but teaching yourself the Y13 content will be challenging I won't lie to you!

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