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I was wondering...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by beaties, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Morning ladies,
    I hope that everyone is finished for Christmas now and having a relaxing time?
    Yesterday when I was out with my parents I saw a travel system that I really like and at the moment there is over £100 off it. My OH thinks it is good value for money too. My only worry is, is it too early to buy- this might be silly, I know, but I was just wondering at what stage in their pragnancies did other people make this purchase?
    Hugs and festive best wishes
    Beaties (22+0)
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I chose a pram last time when I was 31 weeks. My parents bought it for us, and I was staying with them then for the Easter holidays.
    I am going to look at upgrading it at the same shop (as they stock icandy) when I visit them at Feb half term (i'll be 30 weeks I think then).
    I understand feeling a bit superstitious about buying things early in pregnancy, because i feel the same. It does seem silly in some ways though, especially if something you like is significantly reduced. x
  3. I think I'd bought our travel system before 20 weeks - knew the one we wanted and was keeping an eye out on ebay for it so we got a bargain.
    We had lots of people telling us we shouldn't keep the things we bought in the house before baby arrived. My response was always: If, God forbid, anything were to happen in the pregnancy I don't think having bought some bits for the baby would make the whole thing any less difficult to cope with!
  4. I think I ordered our pram when I was about 17 weeks and it came when I was about 24, 25.

    Exactly. And also, if, God forbid, anything is or does go wrong, then I will not for a minute think it is because I purchased my pram at 17 weeks!

    Having said that, each to their own and it's what you feel comfortable doing. I'm not suspicious so it hasn't even crossed my mind not to buy stuff or have it in the house before any certain dates. I'd be snapping up the bargain!
  5. I know exactly how you feel. However, my mum bought us our pram about 4 weeks ago when I was just 18 weeks as the store had 10% off everything. Also as we're expecting twins the prams are sooooo much more expensive and we really couldn't afford to turn down 10% off - we knew which one we wanted anyway. And then just yesterday my husband and I bought the cots as Mammas and Pappas had a sale on the ones we loved and they couldn't guarantee how long the sale would last and I'm 22 + 3. We had no intention of buying them yesterday but couldn't resist! Plus it means we're spreading out the cost of buying (this is our first) - I don't think we can afford to leave it to the last couple of months to buy everything in one hit.
  6. we ordered ours at around 20-21 weeks I think. I don't feel especially superstitious about that kind of thing so it didn't bother me when we bought it. I also read some advice which said that if you lose a baby then the last thing you are worried about at that point is having some things around the house or a nursery decorated. Still waiting for ours as there was a 10-12 week delivery time.. hopefully sometime in the first weeks of jan! Can't wait to start practising!
  7. we ordered ours after the 20 week scan - went straight to mamas and papas after it. Put down a 25% deposit (Which secures the price - exactly the same - discount price) and requested it the week beginning October 25th - I was 35 weeks - be very careful I was considering making this much later, I went into labour at 35+6!!! would not have had it if I had gone with my existing plan. (sorry I digress)
    mamas and papas have a policy that if anything happens they will refund the deposit - we didn't have to try it - but they said something about ringing customer services and they would refund it immediately. Not sure if other shops have a similar system?

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