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I was awarded a trophy?

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by LanguageArtsLab, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. LanguageArtsLab

    LanguageArtsLab New commenter

    And I don't know why. Does anyone know what they are for? Anyway, I'll take it :p
  2. TheGingerTeacher

    TheGingerTeacher Established commenter Forum guide and community helper

    Ooooh Where was my invite to the award ceremony???
    LanguageArtsLab likes this.
  3. Skillsheets

    Skillsheets Occasional commenter

    By whom?
  4. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

    Don't you get them for reaching certain thresholds for posts and "Like"s?
  5. LanguageArtsLab

    LanguageArtsLab New commenter

    Charleei likes this.
  6. kibishipaul

    kibishipaul New commenter

    I've got one as well. Same as LAL, haven't clue why or where I pick it up. Does it have a monetary value? ;)

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