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I want to teach physics and maths

Discussion in 'Science' started by Rick1, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Go into the Independent sector. Tell them what you want to teach. They will let you. You may do all three sciences with year 7's, but this will be fun. There is no physics + maths PGCE. A physics PGCE will give you more job options. You will be more likely to get a maths job with a physics PGCE than vice versa. Contact the IoP (better still, join!). They may be able to fix you up with a visit to an Independent school locally to chat about it. Failing that, just phone up local schools and ask to speak to the Head of Physics.
  2. lunarita

    lunarita Established commenter

    I did a physics and maths PGCE, dual qualification.
  3. A guy I know was unable to do a science PGCE because he didn't have any biology or chemistry knowledge, so he had to do maths.
    The location might be useful to the OP...
  4. hope they have one then....some don't even have a proper Physics teacher, let alone a HoD
  5. lunarita

    lunarita Established commenter

    Glasgow, St Andrew's College, now part of Glasgow Uni.

    Is the difference that in Scotland you qualify for a particular subject or subjects and are not considered qualified to teach anything else? While in England (it was the case, I believe, don't know if it's changed) you qualify as a teacher and can be asked to teach anything?
  6. Warwick University did a Maths and Physics PGCE last I looked
  7. Hi,
    I had a similar issue to you when deciding what subject I wanted to teach as my degree is in Chemical Engineering. From what I understand your degree should contain 50% material of the topic you want to teach, so I assume your degree would be satisfactory to do a PGCE in either. I made my decision of Chemistry based on what I have a true passion for, even though my degree probably covers more Maths and Physics than chemistry! If you decide to apply for the PGCE in Physics you'll be expected to teach all three generic sciences up to and including GCSE level. However, I was informed that I would probably be able to teach Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-level.
    Also, it is really important to get a bit of experience before you apply.
    Hope this helps!
  8. Good news for all of us Physicists who do not want to teach biology or chemistry.

  9. hi not sure if this has been discussed but schools would love you in Scotland, so you would have a great chance.
    Glasgow Uni do a dual degree and the PGDE at strathclyde allows anyone to be trained in 2 subjects (my friend did biology and french!)
    good luck!
  10. to be honest that is no use, it would only be useful if the school that hires you only gives you maths/physics classes.
    what if you get a 1st or 2nd year science class and it is a reproduction topic???
  11. I work in an independent school in Switzerland that has been trying to hire a physics/maths teacher for about 3 years now with NO success, so I would say...... as long as you can teach well you'll be laughing! As suggested by others here, the private sector schools sometimes have a physics 'department', where I assume you would be teaching mainly physics. Otherwise International schools might be a good option.
  12. Goat2

    Goat2 New commenter

    The IoP have been bullying the Government to get PGCEs Physics with Maths and now there are about 20 throughout the country. Aimed at engineers as supposedly they have all the physics needed for schools. The 'with' bit means that you do not have a vast amount of maths in the course so it will be debatable how good a maths teacher you are.
    IoP have pushed hard for the new KS3 science to be again split so that you poor wilting flowers won't have to touch chem or bio even in Y7. Frankly the schools will be split some especially the indpendents who will snap you up, others like me who will want someone keen to join in the whole of the curriulum not sit like a prima donna in a departmental meeting with their hands over their ears moaning" Oooh Biology, OOOOH biology"....

    Er I am a biologist *** chemist *** science teacher who has been responsible for keeping physics afloat until you guys arrive to save the day......................
  13. I was intrigued by your comment. I offered to teach during the Autumn Term at a school in Switzerland with 2 campuses, but I couldn't commit for a whole year; I was sure with their record and facilities that they would have no problem filling the post full-time.
    Last year I saw they were advertising again for Physics and also for a lab tech - is it you?
  14. If you want a job nowadays, you teach what your told to teach. I have seperate degrees in physics and maths and have to teach biology to A level even though I havent even got an o level in the bloody subject. Honestly, OP, you cannot afford to be so picky
  15. Fizzbobble

    Fizzbobble Occasional commenter

    I too have a PhD in physics and would be far happier teaching physics and maths than any squishy biology!!
    I am currently on a secondary science PGCE specialising in Physics and whilst I thoroughly enjoy chemistry lessons (got an AS level in it) I am not keen on biology. I also want to teach in FE when I'm qualified.
    I had no idea you could apply for maths posts with a physics PGCE and will now look for some; I have spotted a few dual subject posts! So ta for that.

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