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I want to start teaching, but there's so many acronyms

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by imadahmed, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I came on TES because I want to start part time work in a FE institution. I have C+ grades in GCSE Eng/Maths/Sci, and one of the subjects I took for AS/A2 levels was ICT. I went to university and was awarded BSc (Hons) in Computer Science (2.1). For half a year I worked with an IT firm, then I became self employed and made websites, as well as other ventures. For a number of weeks now I have volunteering at a family learning centre, teaching Maths, this is what gave me a kick to pursue teaching.

    I think I've got the academic boxes ticked. Industry experience boxes ticked.

    Now to teach in FE institutions I need to hold QTLS - right? Do I need to apply on GTTR?

    To get QTLS status, I need to do a DTTLS at an FE college. But this wont mean I'll be NQT or hold QTS? Will this mean there will be no chance for me to pick up cover work ect at a local secondary ever. And also is a DTTLS subject specific, is there one for ICT, or just one for everything?

    IfL are the people in care of QTLS not TDA, is that right? And there's LLUK, not sure what they do.

    I would probably struggle to find work while I train on the job otherwise - right?

    Is there anything else I should do before trying to get on DTTLS course?

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. My line breaks went AWOL
  3. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Are you using Safari or Opera?
    With those "odd" browsers you need to use to start new paragraphs.
  4. DTLLS is a general course without one for a particular subject. This is good because you network with teachers in all subject areas. For the PTLLS//CTLLS year you will need to evidence 75 hours teaching and the same for the DTLLS year. I started with volunteer teaching and later evidenced with paid employment.
    The thing to concentrate on is whether you can get those 75 hours a year. Without it the college can't observe you teach and you wouldn't have the ongoing experience to relate to the studies you are doing. Work in schools did count for me as I taught A Level (as an unqualified teacher) in my school's 6th form college and my DTLLS college accepted that. I was lucky to get that work - I normally work there in an IT support role.It may suit your circumstances to work in such a role in a school. Mine has been fantastically supportive of my teaching in the LL Learning Sector. They are even paying the dreaded IfL tax for me!
    Worry about QTLS once you've got your DTLLS but but worry too much as
    you have a good few years to apply for professional formation (QTLS)
    Even then you won't have QTS for work in schools but
    that's something which may be different after you've qualified. Gove has
    already said in the last few days that he intends to allow FE teachers
    to teach in schools.

  5. Drat a typo! - I meant to say "Don't worry to much" regarding QTLS. That's further down the road.

  6. Thanks Brian,

    I thought the PTLLS//CTLLS is optional to find out what route you want to take, either getting QTLS or ATLS status. I want QTLS and so I want to do DTLLS without doing PTLLS or CTLLS, I think I need to ping over some emails to course providers now. I would imagine letting FE teachers teach in schools is probably going to be cheaper than giving out those bursaries to attract more trainees in secondary/primary. you make it sound like we have to arrange our own classroom experience, does the college, uni, training provider not do this for us?

    Crowbob I'm using Chrome, but I've added the paragraph tags now, thanks.
  7. I think I also read that whilst completing a DTLLS you can also do one for literacy/numeracy/ESOL, is there any truth in this as I would also like to be a visiting tutor to supplement my income.
  8. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Welcome to the forum and welcome to the buisness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (retired)
    As regards anacronyms, I had exactly the same problem!!! I made a point to ask what they meant, immediately I came across any anacronym, and compiled my own reference list. However, the nature of the changing job is that such a list will never be completed!! But that is part of the fun isn't it!!? Just lie back and think of England.
    A warning about this forum. Certain areas are for letting off steam and it can become a bit depressing to find that there appear to be a lot of @rsoles and moaners, who have strange ideas, in the teaching profession. Having said that, I have seen lots of useful and helpful grownup stuff, such as the previous answers here to your OP.
  9. Haha TCSC47, an acronym itself!

    I read some other threads, and I was bracing myself for some sarcastic comments, but it has all been helpful so far.
  10. I've got a reply from a college.

    The requirement to get on the course is 75 hours of PAID teaching work, independent or state are both fine.

    How am I suppose to get on this course?

    Will it be the same at other colleges, I'm still awaiting a response from them.
  11. If you mean "give me work" for the75 hours (as a volunteer) then don't limit yourself to colleges. There are many volunteer agencies who might (for instance) appreciate your IT expertise - especially due to recent funding cuts in FE.
    You may well be right that it says somewhere on LLUK's site that you don't need PTTLS to do a DTLLS but you will need something similar (and acceptable) to miss out part of the first year. DTLLS is a 120 credit two year award. That's the equivalent to a third of a degree which is acceptable by many universities (such as O.U.) to transfer in, and they aren't giving that away easily.
    To make it any kind of achievement recognised by industry the award has to involve a considerable personal investment.
    One final note about transfering credits in. In my own case with OU it very much depended who I qualified with whether they would accept my 120 credits. Fortunately, Canterbury was on their "good guy" list. So if you have ambitions to go further and use the DTLLS as a launch pad, check first before choosing an education provider for DTLLS.
  12. Thanks, you've given me a lot of advise throughout this thread - much appreciated.

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