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I want to quit my PGCE

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by laurajahmet, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. MissLytham

    MissLytham New commenter


    So I want to leave my pgce school direct course, there are loads of threads on this so I won't go on about every reason why, as my reasons reiterate other similar threads on here!

    My question is really for anyone who has been in this situation before and what did they do after making the decision to leave. I am looking at cover supervisor work but I'm not sure how sustainable this is long term.

    I am absolutely devastated this is all I have ever wanted to do and I have fought and battled to get this far taking on a degree with a baby and becoming a single mother. I just wanted to have an amazing career with great pay so I can give my boy the best life. Now I am worried about what will happen. I have worked far to hard to just go into a standard job with minimum wage. My passion lies with sports and young people helping them develop and grow.

    Hope someone can help.

  2. tb9605

    tb9605 Established commenter

    I can't answer your questions, but all I can say is: good luck.

    You are also in the trough - the end of the first long term is the hardest time for NQTs/Teach First/Schools Direct teachers. It will get better. If you aren't already, ask for as much help as you can with whatever it is you are struggling with - that won't be seen as a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of self-awareness that is so necessary in a good teacher.

    You are absolitely right in your assumption that it is a great job for single parents to have (so many at my current school). If this is all you've ever wanted to do, why not at least give yourself to the end of the Christmas holidays before you make a firm decision?
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  3. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    My friends that left at this stage all ended up with great careers, and most now earn more than I do as a teacher. You can always come back to teaching if you later feel it is something you might want to do.
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  4. MissLytham

    MissLytham New commenter

    Hey so you know what kind of careers they went into. That's what I'm thinking it can't be the only career I can do that pays well!
  5. MissLytham

    MissLytham New commenter

    It's abit complicated the school the people I'm working with are some of the main problem. I'm on leave at the minute but I don't even know if I will pass this phase now.
  6. loranp

    loranp New commenter

    If your username is your real name, I would seriously advise changing it - you would be so easily identifiable from the information you have given.
  7. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    A wide variety - it really depends. Some set up their own businesses (in fact most of the ones that earn really big bucks work for themselves), others work for large companies and have worked their way up - gaining skills, experience and more qualifications as they went. I'm on a pretty good salary as a classroom teacher (£60k ish), but they all earn far more then I do - between 50% more to around 4 times my salary or more.
    I'm not sure where you live, but get yourself out and about, get some jobs through temping agencies and see where that leads you!
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  8. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    Its terrible job for a single parent to have, I have struggled for years handing back promotions because I didn't have child care for extra hours I was mandated to do on site,, struggling every year for the 6 or so weeks our holidays didn't match up, never meeting my children's teacher, never being there at drop off or pick up, working through evenings and weekends which should have been family time, the pay that does not cover mortgage and child care, the inflexibility when I have been sleeping with a child in hospital. When I have tried to encourage my own children to work harder for GCSEs and A levels, they have come back with "why? we don't want to live like you- wouldn't it have been better if you had failed every thing rather than end up a teacher?"
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  9. bob1503

    bob1503 New commenter

    I know
    I'm a single parent and have been on my own with my daughter for 9 years. You're in your first term and I'm guessing you have the experience of one school placement under your belt. Would it be worth seeing if your second placement is different?

    I've known people who hated their training, but stuck with it, and have made a real success of their career. Every school is different. A second placement might give you a completely different experience.

    Another option might be to work as a sports coach at an independent school? The pay isn't as good as teaching but you're paid more than cover supervisors and you'd be doing something sporty and helping young people develop and grow.
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  10. MissLytham

    MissLytham New commenter

    Thanks everyone, sorry for the late response thanks for all your help!

    So I decided to defer for a year to figure things out and I secured a cover supervisor role at a school I have previously done work experience for (I loved it there). Things just wernt getting better, I ended up with norovirus and was completely bed bound but was made to feel like I was doing something wrong, being hounded for lesson plans etc that were unnecessary due to the ever changing groups I had anyway, not that I could of done them with the state I was in, I also ended up with flu and my son caught everything too so ended up being off nursery. During this time my phase review was written as inadequate with just absolute loads of ******** written on it of things that wernt true and then basically being punished for being unwell. Mentor saying I had failed to do x,y and z yet I hadn't been given any opportunities to do any of them. I was signed of with stress and anxiety and was asked to go into a meeting during this time which I said I wouldn't be able too as my son was unwell but I was basically being told I had too in order to go onto phase 2. I couldn't bare the thought of basically being bullied in a room with two other women... It was just the end for me and I have never been happier since the moment I said I would defer! I haven't event touched my laptop since then and had a nice relaxing Christmas with no worries... I am gutted however I am just going to take this time to gain more experience and really figure out if it's what I want to do. The school I have the job at has their own teaching school so I could potentially apply with them further down the line or maybe it will lead me to something else.

    Thanks everyone

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