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I want to be "outstanding".. i've never got it... various questions...

Discussion in 'English' started by riojasgoodformysoul, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Agree with above. You've got to be yourself and play to your own strengths - what works for one teacher won't work for another. Also - keep it simple, don't try to do too much in one lesson.

  2. diamond_raindrops

    diamond_raindrops New commenter

    Maybe you could do a new post and give the heading- Ever had an outstanding lesson? If so, please describe what you did and explain why it was classed as outstanding. [​IMG]
  3. laticsbird

    laticsbird New commenter

    Play some music and give them traffic light cards...

    ... so I'm told. [​IMG]
  4. purplefizz

    purplefizz New commenter

    Peer marking.
    No hands up questionning.
    Levelled outcomes in student speak.
    Keep it simple and concrete.
    Differentiate from the highest ability downwards.
    Visual resources.
    Learner-led activities.
    Learning intentions displayed throughout.
    Something a bit different and creative.

  5. I agree with all the above. I have just been given outstanding from Ofsted and had all the above (apart from music) in my lesson. You need to show progression in terms of pupils' learning (I used Blooms). In addition, your marking must tell the student how they can progress up to the next stage. If you have support in your lesson, they must be used constructively. My biggest advice echoes what others have said - be yourself; don't try anything too complicated; you know your pupils and what you need to do to engage them.

    Good luck.
  6. Sorry, just read the original post again and realised I missed the point (I think I am a little brain dead after too much marking).

    In your position, I would have lots of mini-plenaries I could 'pull out of the bag' for when I was being observed.
  7. manc

    manc New commenter

    Don't try anything too complicated, and yet the outstanding lesson has eight or nine separate tick-box elements. How is that<u> not</u> complicated?

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