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I want an iPad. Discuss!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tassiegirl, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. This is like saying "why buy a fridge when you can have a freezer for less" ... The two have some similarities but they do not do the same job ... Having both is optimum but you can freeze some things in the top of the fridge ... Hence you do not really need the freezer but it does something that you want
  2. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    Good point RF I have desktop,laptop,iPad etc I use the one that suits my needs bestt. For leisure or travel it is always the iPad for general work the laptop and for composing or arranging or photographic work the desktop.
  3. Agreed! Love it! Just beware, I am spending a fortune on apps!
  4. I love my IPad and use it all the time.I have loads of gadgets but this is my favourite so far. Go for it treat yourself.
  5. Have you seen my thread about free gifts
  6. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    The main problem with Apple products is they're so bloody smug.

    The lid of my MacBook closes with a sneer.
  7. impis

    impis New commenter

    Haven't read all the posts.
    In answer to the OP:
    My son has an ipad and loves it. He uses it all the time. [he works for BT broadband so IT is his 'thing' anyway]
    Don't buy one now - a new, improved, version is due out in April, [I think]. You'd only wish you'd waited if you get one now.
  8. What does the ipad do that a laptop/netbook doesn't? Im genuinly intrigued.
    I suppose if you are travelling on trains etc alot then its nice and lightweight/portable.
  9. SleighBelle

    SleighBelle Occasional commenter

    I bought myself an iPad today! It's the 16gb wifi one- don't need much more in terms of memory as I don't have loads of music or photos which take up space.

    It is beautiful, fast and responsive, very easy to use and so much fun! I already have an iPhone 3GS so it just makes everything I love about browsing the web and playing games on the iPhone, so much bigger, clearer and better.

    I went for wifi only because I didn't see the point of paying an extra £100 for a 3G enabled iPad then paying from £10 a month for the 3G contract. However, someone else mentioned a thing called MiFi. I've seen it from Three but other companies may do it. You get a little plastic thingy that you can put in your handbag or pocket and, when turned on, it transmits mobile broadband via wifi. This means that my wifi ipad could access the Internet via the MiFi, without needing the 3G version. I'm going to see how it goes just accessing the net via my home/school/star bucks wifi and might consider buying MiFi if I find that I want to access the net when I'm not in a wifi zone. I think it starts from £9 a month.

    This is the most I've typed on it so far and it's surprisingly easy. I can just about touch type on it without much difficulty and the auto-correct is picking up any mistakes! Fab!
  10. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i do love mine :D
    OH wanted to know what i'd DO with it, but i used it all the time when we were away at xmas, for navigating and reading books and general faffing. he even helped me with wordsearch.
    i can print from mine! i have an app called Printer Pro.
  11. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Haven't read whole thread but my rationale would be:

    Do you want one? Yes
    Do you need one? No
    Do you only ever buy things you need? ?
    Can you afford it? ?
    Do you work hard? Probably yes
    Do you deserve to treat yourself? Probably yes

    If you can afford it, want one and feel you work hard enough to treat yourself then I wouldn't hesitate. I can gigot recommend them - they're fantastic.

    Alena. X
  12. No don't bother with a ipad anymore. You need a 11 inch macbook air.
  13. Impulce, it's not about what the iPad can do that a laptop/netbook can't do, it's about HOW it does it that is the point. The fact that I only have to charge mine every three or four days after some intensive use is testament to a lot of things about the design. I'd be hard pushed to find a laptop or netbook that has battery life that is as good - although I bet there are posters who would tell me otherwise. It's about the user experience, not the functionality. If I need USB, an optical drive etc. I'll reach for the Macbook or the iMac (depending on where I am). However, as most of my work documents are held in 'the cloud' using MobileMe and Dropbox, I don't actually need USB ports for portable drives very much (including when I am sat at my desktop machine). Netbooks should not seen as replacements for laptops as they are smaller in most ways - including the spec on the inside in most cases. Why compromise with a netbook? Either I want a keyboard (in which case a laptop or desktop machine has a better keyboard than a netbook) or I want to view the contents of the screen and have a virtual keyboard appear on screen when I need one. And, as a touch typist, the iPad is perfectly easy to master. Don't know about other touch typists but my fingers don't even rest on the keys of a conventional keyboard any more when I type. I'd rather not have a brick sat on my lap heating my genit als, so for web browsing, checking email, playing games or reading books or magazines, I'll reach for my iPad. For work, I'll find my laptop or sit at my desk. I would no more try to edit a photograph, write the worksheets for my lessons etc on my iPad or on a netbook because the environment is all wrong. Final point for this post: if you don't understand the iPad or its purpose, it's clearly not for you.
  14. Sat here typing on my macbook, with my ipad on charge and my iphone by the side of me, I really can't think why anyone would want anything but an apple product. I have had my imac for 7 years now and it hasn't crashed once. In fact, I hardly ever get any problems with any of my apple computers - can't say the same for the other countless desktops and laptops I've had in the past!

    All I need now is the money to turn all computers in school to apples and get a bank of ipads for the classrooms :eek:)

    Out of interest, has anyone used an ipad with the children? If so, how did you get them? What apps do you use?
  15. SleighBelle

    SleighBelle Occasional commenter

    I've used my iphone- last term, I was out of class running one-to-one sessions so they were very carefully supervised! We used Google Earth, youtube, a spelling, phonics and handwriting app called Pocket Phonics, a times tables app and the stopwatch. I'm going back into class after the holidays and weighing up taking in my iPad. I'm undecided for now!

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