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I want a flat tum

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Greenhousegirl, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. I'm a size 8 but I have a pooh bear tummy. Any suggestions for exercises that will help?
  2. bnm


    I have a theory about this. It follows thus:
    if one is unlucky enough to be born with a short back, one will have a sticky-out tum no matter what.
    It's my excuse, anyway.
  3. Eat less and exercise some more?
  4. Drink more water, cut out the caffeine and exercise to build up your core stability. About 2 hours four times a week should do it.
  5. Er did you not read her OP? She is a size 8 - she doesn't need to lose weight. Stupid posts like yours REALLY annoy me. [​IMG]
    At any rate I have exactly the same problem (not a size 8 though unfortunately) my stomach is frankly disgusting and I have concluded I need surgery to get rid of it. Which I can't really justify!
  6. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I'm inclined to agree with whoever said you're stuck with it. Liposuction must be vile but I can see why wealthy women go in for it. The alternative is to come to terms with it of course. At size 8 I bet you look lovely and you just have to know what shapes suit you. I struggle to find dresses to suit me but separates are fine. of course I would really love to dress like Jackie Kennedy in sweet little shifts but I'm learning to live with the disappointment.
  7. I do have a short torso compared with my legs, actually. Perhaps that's why all my efforts over the years have failed.
  8. little_miss_teach

    little_miss_teach New commenter

    have you tried yoga or pilates? I started yoga and have found that my posture is much improved meaning that my stomach is much less noticable due to the way I now stand. Its not for everyone and you need to stick at it but I feel well worth it.
  9. I have a long back so can't use that excuse for my tum. I drink a reasonable amount of water and green tea too but I
    don't think I could give up caffeine completely, just can't function in the morning until I've had a cup of tea. I used to do yoga but that didn't make any difference to my shape. I'm sure part of my problem is caused by carrying 2 large babies as I was as big as a bus when pregnant. I still have my birthing ball, does anyone have any exercise ideas for that?
  10. I was a scrawny size 8 (5'6 and 8st 2lb at my booking in visit) when I became pregnant. I carried two at nearly nine pounds each but can't blame that - my stomach was far too big for my puny body even before that. The plus side was of course that because my belly was always big, I didn't get any stretchmarks from either pregnancy.
    Some of us are just built like camels - all the storage goes in the hump.

  11. It's perfectly natural - don't stress over it. Love your tummy! Anyone who remembers the sixties also remembers that all out mums wore 'foundation garments' aka corsets and when I first started wearing stockings I had a girdle rather than a suspender belt. I was only fourteen!
    Viva Playtex!
  12. My BMI is now 19.5 (eek time to stop diet) and I still have a protruding, hang-over-waistband belly. It's not loose skin, it's not flabby muscle, it's fat. I think it may be time to accept that I am stuck with it.
  13. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    This depresses me beyond belief! I have a long way to go to get a BMI of 19.5 but in my head, all those with that level of BMI are lithe, creatures with no excess fat and completely flat, smooth stomachs. Arrrrgggghhhh!
    Women's bodies lose fat from the 'least necessary' areas first: any weight loss always manifests itself, for me, on places like my face, shoulders and arms, knee caps, big toes, little fingers....ANYWHERE except the palces I want it....hips, thighs and stomach. I think it's the female body's way of "protecting" the reproductive organs or some such nonesense.

  14. EmiW

    EmiW New commenter

    Core stability. It's all about improving posture apparently.
    You could try doing sit ups on the yoga ball, or balancing exercises on it.
    At the military fitness class I go to we do lots of work on the lower abs. We do the plank, which is basically getting into a press up type position with your elbows on the floor and holding it. You then do the same thing on your side. Hurts so much at the time but makes your abs rock hard! We also do V sits which involve lying flat out and then raising your legs and arms so your body makes a V shape.
  15. EmiW

    EmiW New commenter

    Oh and I am incredibly jealous of you having a BMI of 19.5 lily. I am literally green with envy!
    To get mine down to 19.5 I will have to weigh 9 1/2 stone roughly. I've not been under 10 stone in years. It would be great though!
    You must weigh next to nothing!
  16. Really what is going on? I'm nowhere near my period. I can't eat less without dying. I've lost three pounds this week alone. But my belly measurement has gone up an inch!
    I look like a straw that swallowed an orange.
  17. Mine doesn't! Now you've started my incipient hypochondria off again! Why isn't mine red? I love beetroot, have eaten a whole jar of pickled baby beets many times!
    Vitamin B pills make my wee go yellowy lime green but I know what that is.
  18. Sorry Lily. Maybe you only get the colour with fresh beetroot not pickled.
  19. *Sigh of relief*
  20. Beetroot doesn't have the same effect on everyone's wee! My friend's baby loved beetroot, imagine his nappies, she was terrified. [​IMG]

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