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Discussion in 'Personal' started by suz3, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Is it possible to buy from i-tunes withouut installing the i-tunes program?
  2. Is it possible to buy from i-tunes withouut installing the i-tunes program?
  3. No! Try Amazon perhaps.
  4. Or download iTunes, buy the tunes you want. Remember to convert them from restricted AAC by burning them to disc, for example, uninstall iTunes and then play the tunes you bought!
    Apple REALLY do want to lock you in!
    I have iTunes on the PC and sharepod on each pod. Then I can buy/load via iTunes if I want to, but I usually load, share, listen and organise my music through Sharepod. This gets round having to load anything onto a laptop for example, just plug the pod in and play through the teeny tiny freeware application on the pod!
    Just drop Jeff a donation every now and then, cos he is brilliant - and no, I do not know him but have used sharepod for about 8 years and usually recommend it to anyone who even looks like they might be about to ask an iPod question [​IMG]
  5. Thanks for this - my plan was to instal, buy then uninstal - i didn't realise I'd have to do something else in between.
    So, buying from i-tunes means I'd have to play through i-tunes? Can I save them as ordinary (urestricted) mp3 files?
    Will have a look at sharepod.
  6. If you are only ever going to play them on one or two pods (I think it is 5 registered on the same computer) then the tunes are OK without the extra step. BUT if you want to do anything else with them their restricted status makes them unplayable - to stop you from doing anything illegal, like file sharing.
    I always do the conversion so that when I change computers or upgrade my pod I don't have to go through any of the hassle if anything goes wrong. Apple are nice about letting you re-download bought tunes if you lose them ONCE!!! So a kaput PC can cause problems.
    I use the AAC files as they are smaller and our ears are old and don't notice the loss of fidelity too much. But in iTunes you can choose the format so you can do the mp3/4 thing and play them on any device.
    Good grief - I sound like an expert! In reality I have had 2 lemon iPods and have spent a lot of time arguing (succesfully) with apple and used the Users Lounge a lot!
    We now have two 180G classics (which disappeared form sale very quickly) and a 1G shuffle (old one). The big pods are about 30% full but have a HUGE amount of music yet to be loaded - I am still digitising our vinyl collection - very very slowly! So I have messed around with them a lot!
  7. Thanks again.
    AFAIK, what I want is only going to be available on i-tunes, from 22nd. So I might be back in a few days for help if I can't figure it out myself.
  8. OK! I'll stick this in my Hotlist and keep an eye on it!

  9. Many thanks, but I got it on 7digital - no need for itunes!

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