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I think I'm having an early mid life crisis please help

Discussion in 'Personal' started by newlyconfused, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Yoga. It's not quite in the league of backpacking up the Amazon but you do sort of reconnect with you.
  2. Yep. I suspect modern 'always-in-contact-living' eg:: Facebook with it's in-yer-face- all happy, smiling "my life is great - look at the pics" format damages many a psyche. Everyone is looking over the fence into another garden and of course the grass is always (ALWAYS) greener elsewhere. Online folks tend to big themselves up or at least present a persona or facade which is exaggerated.
    Life can be dreary, dull, restrictive, a slog, miserable, etc etc etc and it is for most of us. It's when things really nose-dive and illness or other tragedy strikes that we thank our lucky stars that we are on an even keel, albeit a routine and predictable one.
    Betty is blunt, but she is right. The lights go out eventually. Life's a *** and then you die etc. Knowing that, I feel we have to make the most of our circumstances - or change them. However, change isn't always for the best, but sometimes we only realise that with hindsight.
  3. you do sort of reconnect with you.
    What does the disconnection consist of?
  4. Disconnection for me has been a sense of loss /confusion about self ...who I am because I spend a lot of time caring for the others( something the OP mentions).
    I have found yoga to be very helpful because on a practical level it is something away from my family just for me and on a different level I have had odd flashes of mindfulness,being in the moment and shutting off mental chatter.
    BTW I look like a hefalump when I'm there but so do a few other people!

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