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I think I'm being paid incorrectly??

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by RKM, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. RKM


    I've just recieved my payslip. I started my Mat Leave on the 31st Oct. Am I right to assume that this is my 1st 4 weeks so I should get full pay plus Maternity Pay??
    My payslip is less than what I would normally get for the month.
    I'm trying to get hold of HR but no one is answering!!!!!
  2. Your pay shpuldn't be any different if its your first month off. Your time off full pay includes mat pay, it is not an extra. Your employers pay a percentage and it gets topped up to 100% by mat pay. HR would be the best to check with as it varies from place to place. Here in Scotland we get 13 weeks full apy so for the first 13 weeks of mat leave our pay is not any different to normal.
  3. If you are England I think its is 4 weeks full pay then onto 90% so the first 28 days in Nov would be full pay then the last few 90% hence slightly less in your pay?
  4. no it's not full pay plus maternity pay - your maternity pay is included in the 100% pay for 4 weeks and then the 90% pay for 2 weeks.
    it's worked out weekly, so you'll have 31st oct-27th november on full pay then 28-30 november on 90% pay.
  5. RKM


    Thats what HR said on the phone. She was quite snooty about it as well!!!


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