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I think I might be being manipulated my by my agency

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by metcalfsusie, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. The old adage goes that if you think you are being played, you probably are. I am an NQT who is tryng to get more exeperience by doing supply. I have earnt no money this year up until last week at all so I dont have a p45. As a short term measure while organising my options I signed up with an umbrella company. Yes I know they are the spawn of satan. However I now want to ask some very specific questions.
    1. My agent will not pay me as much (about £103 p/h versus £120 p/h with the umbrella company. The company takes £10.50 a week to processs my pay plus, obviously, my NI. their NI and my tax.....so I am losing about £150 to them a week.
    2. I work for 2 agencies. The second one Hayes is saying that if I want to be paid with them using PAYE then they will charge me tax as if it is a second job. He is basically forcing me to chose one his umbrella companies and then use that same company over with my other agent who dont use those companies. That then means that the other agent has to vet that umbrella company (which takes weeks).

    So while I sort this out I need the answers to the following questions

    1. will I be put on emergency tax without a p45 which will hurt me quite a lot
    2. Can I get a p45 from the umbrella company and use that to prevent the emergency tax
    3. can I work for 2 different agencies within the same week and not have one of them taxed at as a second job?
    4. as supply is slow in September do I need to play along for a bit until I have more barganing power when work picks up again? I have been working consistently for the last 2 weeks.

    On the bright side I am enjoying seeing all the schools in my area.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    Sorry I can't answer the questions 1-3 but would ringing the Inland Revenue help? Or the union helpline might mean less time on hold.
    Only play along for a bit. If you keep pushing for a bit more each time the agency ring you then you should get more money as work picks up anyway. Don't forget the agency will have already pushed the school so you're merely haggling over the agent's Christmas Bonus.

    Why only 2 agencies? If you've got a free half-day for each then use that time to sign up with a few more. You could insist on PAYE before you sign the dotted line as well. It's far better to PAYE direct so stick with agency 2 on that.

    Disclaimer: My big failing is still being with UCs so I can't speak. I need a few days of unemployment then I can force all my agencies (6 of them) to PAYE.
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