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I think I have left teaching

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by 9497, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. 9497

    9497 New commenter

    Been told today my support plan will start Monday. For different reasons given when I was told this was going to happen on the last day before half term so the goal posts are already being moved. This is now the second time I have been on a support plan/informal capability (I had another user name, since deleted then, thank you for the useful advice given then, different school as well) and the union assures me they are they same thing, and given the way it has been done the outcome is inevitable.

    So thats it. I am obviously, for reasons I don't understand a rubbish teacher. i think i do all the same things as everyone else, try to differentiate, try to push kids to work harder, spend long evenings marking books and giving feedback, spend 10 hours a day at work rarely stopping and I obviously don't get it.

    Going off on sick (doctor has already offered to sign me off with WRS at half term ) and hopefully the union will get me out for Christmas
    I doubt I will miss it.
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  2. baxterbasics

    baxterbasics Senior commenter

    No, I am sure you will not miss it.

    enjoy your freedom and the rest of your life
  3. eleanorms

    eleanorms Occasional commenter

    You're probably not rubbish. Maybe you've just been unlucky. Maybe there's something you're not quite getting. So? I could name many, many jobs that I could not do. Dental hygienist. Airline pilot. Wedding cake designer. Victoria's Secret model. So I don't do them. Find another job. Enjoy taking holidays in September and lolling on your bed watching Netflix at weekends.
  4. Bedlam3

    Bedlam3 Star commenter

    I expect you are feeling very upset by all this at this moment in time. I am sorry this has happened to you as you sound like you tried very hard. I don't think there is any other profession where people come under such scrutiny and criticism and are so undervalued.
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  5. 9497

    9497 New commenter

    Thank you for your kind words. oddly enough I am not upset, I feel surprisingly calm about it. I doubt I would make a good Victoria's Secret model either, or maybe only on a weekend with a feather boa (and a few pairs of socks shoved in the right places!

    Sad thing is I foolishly believed I was safe as I teach a shortage subject in a department that is already short staffed and cannot find replacements for people that left in July.
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  6. bajan

    bajan Occasional commenter

    Posts like this make me really angry about what's happening in education.
  7. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Although for different reasons I also thought I would be safe, but sadly I was not.
  8. baxterbasics

    baxterbasics Senior commenter

    I don't think anybody feels safe - from all levels of teachers (Head teachers, down to NQTs).

    It is like a perpetual sword of damocles hangs over us all - it is the crux of what makes the stress unbearable for tens of thousands every year.

    And yet, the are heads of MATs etc, who earn many multiples of what we - who are surfing on a crest of a wave, laughing in all of our faces.
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  9. GirlGremlin

    GirlGremlin Occasional commenter

    I've only been teaching for 5 years but the job insecurity makes it hard for me to book holidays and say YES to life. I always feel like I'm looking over my shoulder and just a bad day away from a support plan.
  10. Mermaid7

    Mermaid7 Occasional commenter

    Best thing I’ve read all year!
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  11. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    Problem is, it's like this in a lot of professions. A job for life no longer exists unless you're royalty and we all have to hustle until retirement which is so not good.:(
  12. Summerhols6

    Summerhols6 Occasional commenter

    Agree with all the comments. I'm going through this too. Similar timescale as you. My results were poor this year. I had a bottom set that I had never taught before year 11. They were doing a 3 year course in 2 years (new 9-1 GCSE) and much of the course had not been taught to them by the teacher who had left. I think they were struggling with the content and also teaching a 3 year course (and having less time to do it) to a bottom set must have been tough for their former teacher. I was left to pick up the pieces and also face accusations that this was all my fault. I also had several pupils who were below tg or had performed badly in mocks (in year 11 and not my pupils) put into my bottom set. I am now being put on 'coaching' when I return. Like you I am very depressed and on medication.
  13. Over_the_hill

    Over_the_hill Star commenter

    Hi @9497, I just wanted to say I completely understand how you are feeling. I’ve been put on informal capability today. I don’t feel upset just bemusement and confusion as I can’t actually work out what I’ve done to deserve it. Great results last year and no bad observations. Parents and children really like me. I have a lot of friends at work and, like you, I work long hours and give it 100 per cent. Anyway I’m going to have a glass of wine and watch TV and try to switch off from it all. Sending you my best wishes. YOU ARE NOT ALONE x
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  14. baxterbasics

    baxterbasics Senior commenter

    There really needs to be a national Inquiry into this epidemic of capabilities.

    It is surely most of the time simply a matter of blame-shifting or cost cutting - but the cost to the mental health of professional adults is absolutely devastating.

    The unions should be on to this in a big way, instead of articles in their magazines about female teaching assistants in Bolivia, or whatever their latest pet topic is.
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  15. Over_the_hill

    Over_the_hill Star commenter

    I was told I can’t have my pay increase from last year until I have proof of some things (yet to see what they are). So I think it’s a cost-cutting exercise. I’m not saying I’m fantastic because I’m not, but I’m not bad enough to justify this.
  16. 9497

    9497 New commenter

    I have been signed off for a month. Doctor would have signed me off for longer but I resisted as I need further advice from union as to how they will get me out hopefully for January so I can find supply in the mean time.

    Over-the -hill I suggest you do the same. Union at regional level. Email tonight so they can get back to you ASAP on Monday. Self certify Monday and get sick note for Tuesday.

    I have been through this before. You cannot win. They will move the goal posts, for everything you try to do better they will find three extra things you are doing wrong. I tried to fight it last time and I am still suffering mentally. That is why now I am not even going to try.

    There is only one way out of this: they want you out, you will leave. For the sake of your sanity don't even try to fight it. If you can get the union to get you out by Christmas good, if they can get you a settlement payment even better (this is not a given).

    Interesting this has happened to both of us when there are six weeks left of the half term. The support plan last six weeks. Then you return from Christmas (or not as the case may be) on formal. Great isn't it!
  17. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I've said it before, but how long can it be before a class action is launched against the DfE over the widespread abuse of third party grade estimates to force older staff out of the profession?

    Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas any more.
  18. Progressnerd

    Progressnerd Occasional commenter

    Like you I was in a 'support plan' in two different schools. I left before actually beginning at one school and survived at another school 7 weeks of being observed once a week but I got a new job during my 6th week of it so they just passed it...

    In my opinion capability, even the 'informal' part should only ever be introduced if you had a combination of all these things:

    .complaints from students across every class you taught or the vast majority and from a large proportion of the students in each class (not just the naughty ones who claim you're picking on them for actually sanctioning their awful behaviour where other staff don't)

    .virtually no evidence of feedback or marking across the majority of your books.

    .at least 3 observations conducted by at least one subject specialist in your department where there was virtually no learning, classroom management or subject knowledge evidenced.

    Even these 3 things are subjective to an extent but would at least be a reasonable enough starting point.

    From what I've seen you can be placed on a 'support plan' for any of the following:

    . You spoke out or sent an email criticising SLT directly or indirectly.

    .You don't do every single tick box rubbish task set by your HOD (which has been passed down by SLT)

    .You have just one 'bad' observation.

    .you got a minus results residual.

    .You are over the age of 50.

    .You didn't do much 'extra' stuff like holding revision sessions in the holidays, holding lunch time interventions, staying behind for pointless evenings etc
  19. baxterbasics

    baxterbasics Senior commenter

    Brilliant - summed up perfectly.

    All too often, the good or very good staff end up being axed.

    This happened to me - they did not want to me to return at any cost, because they knew that I would be overwhelmingly supported. So they let me leave on a quiet basis and even opened up the school on a Saturday months later so that I could collect my belongings.

    However, once I get another reference sorted (this is how they manage to gag you) - I am going to the national press, and believe me, I have a lot of stories to tell.
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  20. SCAW12

    SCAW12 Occasional commenter

    Sorry this is happening to you, in two separate schools as well. I hope your support plan is just that; a support plan. You should have good quality CPD to help you to improve in any areas of weakness, if not, then that is your defence.
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