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I shall be giving the DWP a right earfull tomorrow

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Duke of York, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    When my sweetheart checked her bank account after the weekend, she was thrilled to learn that her pension was ten quid more than she had anticipated.

    When I checked mine today, I discovered that a tenner had been deducted by the DWP for no apparent reason.

    No notice or explanation of what it was about. They just took ten quid I don't owe them. The DWP don't know me from Adam. They don't know that I'm still working and have another pension to survive on. The only thing they know, is that something in their idiotic system, mistakenly thought I owed them a tenner and just took it.

    Supposing I was an elderly pensioner, with sod all else to live on other than my pension and the loss of the last tenner I had, meant my cat would have to starve until next week?

    When I call them tomorrow to demand an explanation, my opening remark will be "Does that F-ing idiot IDS still run the place, or is there someone else, who's sensible I can talk to about this instead?

    It's unbelievable what a joke the DWP has become, since these clowns came to power.
  2. Photo51

    Photo51 Established commenter

    They were bad well before that. Poorly led mediocrity
  3. Photo51

    Photo51 Established commenter

    How did your call to DWP go?
  4. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Thank you for asking, Madge. They agreed that IDS was an f-ing idiot. It turns out that the extra tenner my sweetheart got was her Christmas box. I ought to have one as well, but for some weird reason it ended up as a debit.
    Flanks likes this.
  5. Photo51

    Photo51 Established commenter

    Yeah, right. All mouth and trousers.
    irs1054 likes this.
  6. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Husband also received £10 extra. Is this a one off ? Usual DWP number plus XB in the reference ....
  7. irs1054

    irs1054 Star commenter

    He has trousers?
  8. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Google was my friend - Christmas bonus ?!
  9. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    I've had many a word with DWP, not pension related but another benefit.I was not a happy bunny but proved the error was theirs not ours but it did take many hours getting all my evidence together. I'm sure many people just don't bother questioning their decisions.
  10. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    I saw some of my friends in Spain talking about this. They got £10 as a xmas box from the govt. I mean, why not let people have an option = keep it or donate it to one of several select charities.

    A food bank?

    I think I heard the Labour Party sent an email to al their MPs saying having a photo op in a food bank but unfortunately it went to the Tory MPs accidentally. Undeterred, they duly stepped up.
  11. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    I vaguely remember my grandparents mentioning the Christmas bonus to their pensions, so after a little googling I have found that it was introduced 46 years ago in 1972 and has been £10 ever since. £10 in 1972 would be £128.15 now if it had kept pace with inflation.
  12. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    I got £10 as well.
    Think what the state pension would have been without the triple lock.
  13. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    £10 was a week's wages for a youngster in 1972. I know that because it was what I was earning in January 1972 before I took a pay cut to join the NHS and have better career prospects in February.
  14. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    I got £219

    not from pension though, from overpaying my paying back of an overpay of tax credit

    I expect someone will be in touch to say they have overpaid my overpay of my paying back of an overpay, and I will need to pay it back.
    racroesus and lanokia like this.
  15. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I'm onto a lucky streak!
    The inland revenue sent me a tax refund of £900 for 2017-18 because I was on the wrong tax code, they have also said I'm due another refund for April to December because I'm still on the wrong tax code, so another £5-600 this month. Then our payroll provider has told me I'm due a £150 refund as they've calculated my pay wrong! This, together with back pay from September for the paltry pay rise, makes Christmas a jolly festive season !
  16. schoolsout4summer

    schoolsout4summer Star commenter

    Bout time they stopped this festive extravagance to welfare scroungers,
    There's an Austerity on, don'tcha know.

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